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Supergilbys Golfapa...

Supergilbys Golfapalooza - Pearl East (04/30/2019)  


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14/05/2019 4:24 pm  

Hi all (and special thoughts for JW11, THE Pearls lover among all)!

We may have the impression to repeat ourselves when it comes to weather since we arrived in Myrtle Beach, on April 22nd, but what do you want? Once again, on this last day of April, pristine blue sky, full of sunshine, a light breeze and a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius for our round of golf at Pearl East, in Calabash (close to the border separating North Carolina from South Carolina).

From the outset, we must admit: after having played Thistle and Long Bay previously, finding ourselves at Pearl East (it's the same for Pearl West), we "change to another league" in terms of quality and price. But do not worry: you will be entitled to some very interesting golf no matter which of these two courses you want to play.

After registration, which was done in the rules of the art as is the custom at this place, what a pleasure then it was to find ourselves on the tee at hole # 1 and to be literally right into nature to smell the pine trees, listen to birds singing, in short, being in such a quiet environment (there is no home in the area and that, both on the east side than on the west side).

In the actual peak season, Pearl East is in excellent condition. It is a wooded course with fairly wide fairways that makes us remember a lot of the many courses we have in Quebec (while Pearl West is more like a links course).

The fairways were well provided in terms of grass and the greens, very fast and in excellent condition (the staff had warned us that they had been rolled earlier in the morning). Nothing wrong with the sand traps, which were very well maintained.

That said, apart from perhaps the first three or four holes, the design of the course is interesting and there is enough variety to suit all types of golfers. Water is not really a factor, except for the 6th, 9th, 11th and 14th holes. Speaking of holes, the 9th, a normal 5, is really beautiful! And what about the last three holes (two pars 4 and a very long par 5 to finish)! Those alone did well worth the trip for us.

All in all, a very nice golf experience and we will definitely not hesitate to return to play Pearl East eventually (note that we love just as much Pearl West).

In short, a 36 holes at this place is absolutely a winning journey!

And how about your favorite Pearl?

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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16/05/2019 1:59 pm  

Thanks for the excellent report, i dont have a favorite seeing i havent played it yet. I will change that soon enough. Thanks Denis!

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!

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19/05/2019 5:43 pm  

Again a very good read Denis! I prefer the Pearl West. But the East course is fun to play also. I agree that this course is very similar to those that we can play in Quebec.

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23/05/2019 4:56 pm  

Thanks for the report. I prefer the East course