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Supergilbys Golfapa...

Supergilbys Golfapalooza 2019 - Thistle (04/27/2019)  


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May 14, 2019 4:19 pm  

Hi all!

On this beautiful Saturday under a cloudless sky and a temperature of 23 degrees Celsius, but again a bit windy, we went in the Sunset Beach area, more precisely at Thistle for another wonderful round of golf.

For the vast majority of golfers who visit Myrtle Beach, very few will think of Thistle as a potential place to play golf. And yet, here we are talking about a 27-hole course that can easily be considered as an upscale facility that deserves to be better known... and recognized.

Thistle is a links style golf course with lots of water and sand on every hole! Even if the fairways are wide, beware, because if your game is not the way you want, you may feel that the day could be a bit long. But as we say so well: "We could have been in the office instead!"

Today, we played the nines named Cameron and Stewart (the third is called MacKay). And let us tell you that the general conditions were excellent (the best we have had since we arrived in Myrtle Beach until now), whether it's the teeoffs, the fairways, the greens ... and the sand traps.

The greens were pretty fast and for people who like to make the ball bites, there was really something to be happy with.

That said, even if, on arrival, it looked a bit like a zoo (an organized one) at the bag drop, take for granted that the machine is well oiled and that your departure will be on time. And once you’re on the course with your playing partners, it's crazy how the place becomes quieter, even serene. Something that will help you focus on the task for what’s coming next on the course!

A little bit of deception when we came to register: the employee seemed a bit overwhelmed and not really focused on the public relations aspect. But we will forgive him... this time!

All in all, if you have never played Thistle, do not hesitate at all to add this course to your "wish list". And for those who already know of the place, we are 100% convinced that you will agree with us!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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May 15, 2019 6:51 pm  

Thanks Denis for an another great report. It is appreciated.

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May 16, 2019 11:18 am  

Once more you played a very good MB course, Thistle has yet to disappoint.

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May 16, 2019 1:38 pm  

thanks for the update Denis!!!!

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!