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Supergilbys Golfapa...

Supergilbys Golfapalooza 2019 - Pawleys Plantation (05/02/2019)  


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14/05/2019 4:26 pm  

Hi all!

Once again, on this May 2, 2019, a wonderful sunny day with a beautiful 26 degrees Celsius and light winds, while we went to the southern end of the Grand Strand, this time to play the famous Pawleys Plantation, our second course of this trip designed by Jack Nicklaus.

Note that this was only the second time we had the privilege of facing this course, the first one dating back to 2009. When we look back at this situation, we sincerely regret having waited so long to return... a mistake we’ll not do again for sure!

The undeniable quality of this course is the main cause, as well as all the beautiful that surrounds the place, as well as the houses in the area (do not fear about this, no house is at stake)! Like most lands in the southern portion of Myrtle Beach, vegetation is both abundant and lush. What a change!

That said, much like Long Bay three days ago, Pawleys Plantation is not demanding from the tees. For most holes, except the pars 3 at 13th and 17th holes, you have plenty of room to swing your favorite club without much fear.

But it is when it’s time to make your approach shots that you will have to be precise, because there are sand traps to "welcome" you on 16 of the 18 holes of the course, not to mention several mounds that protect them very well also. Talking about the greens, they were in excellent condition, a little slower than what we found on the practice green before the start of our round, with, again like Long Bay, had a lot of undulations. The pin positioning required a lot of reflection (and prayers too) to avoid being in three putts situations!

As for the other facets of the course, no complaints, because at this time of year, the conditions of play are almost optimal. On the design side, let us tell you that the first nine is fine, but the second nine is worth the detour, especially the holes # 12, # 13 (THE signature hole, a par 3 not very long but excessively intimidating, the green isn’t very large and is surrounded by swamps), # 14, # 16, # 17 and # 18.

No complaints either by the way we were welcomed here, all the staff we had to deal with was very, very friendly.

That said, Pawleys Plantation is definitely THE # 1 course we've played so far during our current stay.

Finally, when we’re talking about the southern portion of Myrtle Beach, we often think first of places like Caledonia, True Blue and Heritage. But never forget to add Pawleys Plantation to this short list, it's well worth it… really worth it!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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16/05/2019 1:57 pm  

Great update on this course, it is a course for me that was soured by my playing partners. I am looking forward to playing it again. Thanks Denis!!

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!

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16/05/2019 4:00 pm  

Appreciate the timely report!  Sitting here trying to decide our southern course line up for this summer.  This one is probably making the cut.

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19/05/2019 5:39 pm  

Great update Denis! Thanks!

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23/05/2019 5:00 pm  

Thanks for the update. It is definitely a course everyone should play.