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Pawleys Area Trip J...

Pawleys Area Trip July 2019  


Tommy D
New Member
Joined: 3 months ago
Posts: 4
12/07/2019 2:22 pm  

So I gave a trip report from Pawleys area 3 weeks ago and we are back here this week. So here it goes:

Monday July 8 River Club

My teenage son and I had the second tee time off 1 and were paired with a gentleman from West Virginia. We played here 3 weeks ago and came back because the conditions were so good. Still in great shape and the greens were the fastest we played this week. They rolled true and super smooth. Bunkers needed some work due to big rains the week before but absolutely playable. 

Tuesday July 9 Tradition Club

We were the first group out on 1 that morning.  Course was in great shape. Unfortunately the greens were really slow. They looked like they should have been quick but they weren’t. Plenty of grass on them just slow. Rolled nice but slow. After the round the board in the pro shop said they were rolling 8.5. Really like the layout of this course and would love to go at it again with faster green speeds. 

Thursday July 11 Heritage 

This might be my favorite course in the entire Grand Strand. Could place this course everyday and not get bored with it. Great condition and the greens were great despite being sanded the day before. POP is the only negative on this course. We were paired with another twosome and had the first tee time off 10. Played our first 9 in 2 hours get around to 1 for our second 9 and bam 3 groups waiting to go off so needless to say our second 9 was slow. This is always an issue with Legends courses and 8 minute tee time intervals but my love of this course keeps me coming back every time I visit here. 

Friday July 12 True Blue

Big golf course that’s in excellent condition. Greens were fantastic. Nice pace and rolled true. My son who has been playing for 1 year was on fire to start the first 9 hitting the ball as good as I’ve ever seen him hit it. All those hours hitting balls in our field back home were paying off. He cooled off some on the back but I found a nice groove finishing the last 6 holes in 2 over. 

Another great trip in the books as we head back to Florida in the morning. Already looking forward to coming back again as soon as possible. 

Estimable Member
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 142
12/07/2019 7:20 pm  

Tommy great report agree about Heritage one of my favorites as well. Enjoy True Blue as well just need to get to River Club next time to MB.

Brownwood Bandit

Reputable Member
Joined: 8 months ago
Posts: 445
12/07/2019 9:27 pm  

Your son will be liking TB in the future.  

Courses plan on 2:15 per nine, so if first off at 7:00 plays fast, it will be a wait to
start the back 9, if the course is full or simply has 9:07, 9:15 booked.     
Thanks for another report.   

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Reputable Member
Joined: 8 months ago
Posts: 285
13/07/2019 6:01 am  

Tommy ,another informative report.

You are a welcomed addition to the MBGT forum.

Always good to see young people improving at things they enjoy.

Good luck, jw11

"King Of The Mid-tiers"

Reputable Member
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 412
13/07/2019 6:13 am  

Very interesting report Tommy. And a great lineup you had. Always fun to read your trip reports. Waiting for your next one.

Trusted Member
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 82
13/07/2019 10:35 am  

Thanks for the report.

I agree about Heritage, love the course but peace of play has kept us away for years.

Trusted Member
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 58
13/07/2019 1:36 pm  

Thanks for the report. I have always thought Heritage is the best value in the Strand.

Undercover Golf Pro
Prominent Member
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 793
13/07/2019 4:07 pm  

Good courses, good time, good report. Thanks

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars

Estimable Member
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 108
15/07/2019 11:32 am  

Thanks for the report

Reputable Member
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 337
16/07/2019 4:14 pm  

Thanks for your report, love all the courses you played.

Reputable Member
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 280
17/07/2019 1:08 pm  

An excellent trip report about an excellent quartet of courses!

Thanks for sharing!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

Reputable Member
Joined: 7 months ago
Posts: 282
22/07/2019 1:00 pm  

Thanks for the report!

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