March & April 2021
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March & April 2021

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Our 4 month stay is coming to an end.  We got through the very wet weather of January and February; the recent weeks of March and April have been so nice, much drier, improved course conditions, some bounce & roll, and score-able.  I'll give a brief rundown of the recent golf schedule and offer some comments for all.

03/02 River Hills - Had not played this track since the early 90's.  Happy to report that I found it more fun than the prior experience from long ago.  There's some elevation to contend with, tight fairways, and lots of doglegs.  You have to be careful here as OB looms quite often.

03/04 Tidewater - One of my Grand Strand favorites for sure.  I've always maintained that the very best golf hole on the entire Strand is #13... that view to the inlet is breathtaking.  Conditions were exceptional, although we did have a few holes on the path due to an overnight rain, otherwise it was a special experience.  For those that are able, Tidewater offers a limited membership that cannot be beat.  Check it out!

03/05 Barefoot Dye Club - My second time here, typical Dye layout with deceptive architecture, very challenging bunkers, good mix of long and medium length holes.  Make sure your game is ready for this one because a big number is just a swing away.

03/08 Dunes Club - Unquestionably, my favorite along the Strand.  It's a big treat to play here.  This is a big boy golf course, magnificent and majestic holes.  The shot values are very high as getting up and down is really difficult and the greens are so large that two putts is a premium.  The white tee has a slope of 136 so be forewarned. 

03/10 Farmstead - As I have mentioned on an earlier post, this course has conditions that rank right up there with the very best.  The attention to detail here is top notch with walking paths to the fairway, golf cart entry points that are clearly marked and placed strategically, cordial and attentive staff, and an interesting blend of holes. 

03/11 Bald Head Island - World class for sure as the entire experience is just so memorable.  Playing here is essentially an option only available at certain times of the year.  When available --- take time to go there.  This Tim Cate redesign is stunning, large fairways, big bunkers, nature abounds, huge gators, isolated hole by hole layout.  This is a special golf experience.  The original routing and design was done by George Cobb, the same architect that did the Augusta National par 3 course.

03/18 Sea Trail Jones - Conditions were rather wet on this day so no bounce & roll made for a long day.  Overall course conditions were just OK; it's not as good as it once was, Sea Trail Jones needs some love and money. 

03/19 & 03/23 Eagle Nest - An earlier post best describes the experience here.  There's a couple of holes with some elevation change, green size and condition are somewhat variable, #16 needs work as the area approaching the green is lacking.

03/22 & 03/31 Crow Creek - All good at Crown Creek, nice overseed, quick bentgrass greens.  Played 3x this winter.

03/27 & 04/14 Thistle - I have a friend who has a Hickory Stick membership so I've been invited to play 4x this winter.  I always enjoy the Thistle experience.  One quick remark - kudos to the staff that completed two stacked sod bunkers on Stewart #8 & #9; this is a terrific improvement that looks so cool. 

03/30 Colonial Charters - Never played here before.  It's a disjointed start and finish.  There's a large amount of housing going on here so it's busy and noisy.  Not a very complicated layout, simple holes right there in front of you.  Overall conditions were acceptable.

04/03 Brunswick Plantation - Conditions continue to be good at my home course, 3x this winter.

04/06 Rivers Edge - My 2nd time this season at this Arnold Palmer design.  Course conditions could be better but it remains a fun experience due to the unique design.

04/12 Sea Trail Byrd - Had not played here for quite a few years and now I remember why it doesn't make the lineup very often.  The cart paths are terrible.  The grass is kind of thin, especially in the roughs and around the green.  Greens were quite slow.   

04/13 Crown Park - Never played here before... longish drive as it's located beyond Long Bay Club on Rte 9.  It's all golf here, no housing.  Conditions were okay, some drainage being performed on a couple of holes, green speed was slow.  No elevation changes here, it's serenely flat.

04/16 Wild Wing - Never played here either...  it was astonishing to see all the humps and bumps, cart paths kept a long distance from the greens, the humps & bumps provided separation from another hole.  The fairway condition was really good, great lies, but it's thickness limited the bounce and roll so distance was an issue.

I'll sign off for the season as we head north in a week.  Have fun everyone!


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Great info DCH


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Thanks for a great report, covering a lot of courses, during a period
where we don't have a lot of reports, due to winter and Covid still
canceling trips.    
It's always good to check off some never played before courses. 

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Great summary.  Thanks for posting.

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That was a great report, a good variety of courses and info. Thanks.

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Like Art has mentionned, we did not have a lot of reports during the winter, due to the Covid situation. Trip reports are very essential to this forum. So it was with pleasure that i read yours. 

At Eagle Nest, for the 16th hole it is like this since at least two years. I do not know why they have not been repaired this area. At Tidewater, i agree that the 13th hole is beautiful. This video show why it is one of the nice hole on the Grand Strand:

Thanks for reporting on your experience during these 4 months.

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Thanks for the report, sad your stay is over. 

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Thanks for reporting on all of those courses.  I heartily agree with you about Bald Head Island.  A unique golf experience.  If it was closer to MB it would a high Tier One course.  It is an all-day trip, but one most worthwhile.  

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It's already over for you @dch1950?

Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us!

Wishing you a longer stay next time!

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Thanks for the report. Great that you got to spend the winter. 

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Thank you so much for this report.  This and all reports are so valuable


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Thanks for your winter time report on many courses down in MB.