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July Trip Report

Tommy D
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My 15 year old son and I left Monday morning for the 400 mile drive to the Hampton Inn in Pawley’s Island for 6 rounds of golf in 4 days. 

First round was Monday afternoon at Caledonia. We had a 4:00 tee time but went off at 3:30. We played from the tips here and it was cart path only. The area has received a lot of rain the past month we were told. The course was in outstanding condition as normal. A few bunkers had some washouts but, fortunately none affected our play. Greens were smooth and rolled at a nice pace. This course will always be one of my favorites and I absolutely love the shot making that’s required here to post a good score. Junior stepped up on the first tee, striped driver down the center, next shot to about 30 foot, 2 putts later walked off with par. One of several pars he had. 

Day 2: Our morning round was at World Tour. Our first time ever playing here. Cart path only and there were several holes with standing water in the fairways. We sloshed it around at a good pace on our first nine then got punished for playing at a good pace our second nine. We waited on every shot. Course was in pretty good condition. Greens rolled about the same pace as Caledonia. I wasn’t blown away by the course. Glad I played it and I would play it again but if I never play there again I would be okay. 

Our afternoon round was a Legends Parkland. After a bogey on number 1. Yes I bogeyed it from 114 yards out. I got a a nice run of pars and turned at 3 over. A few more bogeys on the back but overall pleased with my round.  The course was in outstanding condition. We played one up from the tips here. Greens were a touch quicker and rolled beautifully. Needless to say after it was over this 50 year old was tired after another round of cart path only. 

Day 3: We made the drive up to Glen Dornoch. The sand gnats we’re out in force there. Had to buy bug spray from the pro shop. Despite that what a fun golf course and holes 16-18 are as good as any stretch in the area. Also helps that I played that stretch in 1 over. Knocked a 4 iron stiff on the par 3 17th hole. The tree makes that essentially a blind tee shot. The 16th hole from the back tees is an incredible look. Course was in pretty good condition. Greens rolled good. Was thankful to be riding the fairways. 

Our afternoon round was at TPC Myrtle Beach. And you guessed it cart path only. Course was in typical condition for TPC Myrtle Beach although the bunker issues that have plagued this place in my previous visits here seemed to be resolved. A few greens has some rough areas that really didn’t effect play as the greens are large enough to avoid those areas. Always enjoyed me trips around this track. Made par on 9 which is a tough hole. Kinda lost steam on the back 9. Junior found it on the back 9 and really played well. 

Day 4: We played Pawley’s Plantation before heading home. First group out on 10 so pace of play was no issue. We never saw the group behind us after our 3rd hole. The holes across the marsh are always fun and I absolutely love hole 14-17. Tee boxes and fairways were plush. A few issues on some greens especially around the edges. By the final 3 holes I was cooked. Between the heat, humidity and the previous days of cart path only I was done. Junior shot 41 on our second nine (the front nine). 

It was another great trip. Masks are required everywhere but honestly we rarely wore ours and nobody said a word. I couldn’t come off the course in that heat and put on a mask to walk into the clubhouse. We absolutely love playing golf in the area and look forward to coming back. 

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Great report and sounds like you both played well.  You picked an All-Star cast of courses for the area.

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Seems that Glen Dornoch doesn't want to remove the tree on the 
par 3 #17.  It hides a lot of the hole's beauty, including the unique bunkers.  
Look at 1:02 of this video:
You can see more of the tree in this Rymer video:
TPC did redo the bunkers about a year or two ago.     

Thanks for your review!  



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Nice report of some very good MB courses, thanks.

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Thanks for sharing your golf trip here. Caledonia is one of my favorite course also. Good scores for both of you. Congrats!

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Thanks for sharing on some very good courses.

Brownwood Bandit

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An all-star report about an all-star selection of courses!

Thanks for sharing!

Denis Gilbert
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Thanks for the report on some great courses. 

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