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Golf in Myrtle Beac...

Golf in Myrtle Beach ( March 1- April 10)  


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April 11, 2019 1:17 pm  

During the last weeks I was fortunate enough to be in Myrtle Beach to enjoy the weather, with ups 
and downs in March, and to play golf.  Following us a brief report of my golf rounds: 

Arcadian Shores- I like the new Arcadian Shores. This course is much better than 5 years ago. They have invested in a new clubhouse, new cart paths and new greens.  The course superintendent has done an great job. The layout has always been great, except for the 13th hole. There is a fortune in golf balls in the lake just in front of the green. How can you avoid going in the lake when you have a downhill lie at 170-180 yards? Let me know if you have the secret. The conditions were great, from tee to the greens. The fairways had a lot of grass. I appreciate the new greens, they are faster than previously. The personnel were very sociable at the bag drop and in the clubhouse. I appreciate the driving range and the chipping/putting green near of the 1st and 10th holes.

Pearl East and West- both were in great condition. I would admit that I prefer the West course to the East course. I know that I am not the only one on this board. The 18th hole on the West course is a good risk and reward hole. Long hitters can possibly reach the green in two, not me. I almost had a hole-in-one on the West course. Some fairways were soft and wet, so it was CPO for those days. The starter did a great job there. There was heavy traffic at the bag drop, but he stayed on schedule. This guy was good and a diplomat. It is not always fun to deal with all kinds of golfers. Most of the golfers are respectful to the personnel, but some probably think that they are owners of the golf course and act accordingly. I do not appreciate this kind of attitude. However, my experience was great and I have enjoyed my rounds there.

Myrtle Beach National- West and Southcreek: I have played both of them. Southcreek is a more difficult course to play than the West course. The conditions were very good (tees, fairways, and greens). Many golfers were there. Some are members. Many has come from the Canada, mainly from Ontario. Both  courses are very popular. There was a lot of traffic at the bag drop and in the clubhouse. However, we were on schedule. I enjoy my experience both days. It is fun to be amongst golfers. 

Burning Ridge- I have played this course two times as a single player. I like the course design and the configuration of the  holes. I did not play good scores. The greens were excellent. However the fairways has not enough grass to adress the ball. The driving range is near fo the carts. I meet some members of a group coming from Montreal. It was fun to speak to some of them  about their experience in Myrtle Beach. They have made their reservation online with the Myrtle Beach Golf Passport, a discount card very popular amongst the snowbirds.

Long Bay- I like the layout by Jack Nicklaus. It is one of my favorites in the Grand Strand area. The conditions 
were excellent. However I would suggest that they use a Marshall during play. Two foursomes, in front of our group, were very painful. I think that they won the Championship for slow play. It was so long that 2 guys in my group decided to stop playing after the 15th hole. It was too much for them. And also for me. So I leave at the 16th, being not able to wait anymore. Why is it not possible to use one member of the staff to direct the traffic on the course? It would be less painful for everyone.  

Crown Park- It was a windy day. The difficulty was to select one or two clubs more. Some golfers say that in Myrtle Beach it is better to take 2 clubs more because of the atmosphere. That day it was easily 3-4 clubs more. I was very satisfied of the conditions for the month of March. The investors have invested to improve the conditions of this course, and it is easy to recognize that. They are not there to make money only. They are preoccupied to serve the golfers. I would say that the conditions were the best that I have seen there, since my first time there. I respect them for that. The personnel were very sociable, and when we arrived there, we saw immediately that clients are important to them. So I recommend putting this lower tier course on your list for your next trip. Lower tier does not mean bad conditions necessarily at this course.

Diamondback (Woodland Valley):  had a good deal with Golf Now ($25 for a tee time around noon). I have played there two times. One round was CPO and it was a long one (5 hrs). For the other one, it was 90 degrees. I do not appreciate CPO round because it is at least 45 minutes longer. But you have to respect the rules, and I have with the other members of my group. Diamondback surprised me for the conditions. Last time that I played there it was very wet in the fairways. The greens were awful. Not this time. I know that it is a long trip from Myrtle Beach to go there. But I would recommend playing at this course now. The conditions are improved, with the new greens.

Beachwood - This is a very popular golf course. A lot of seniors and women play this course. 
I feel that the layout is very interesting to play. However, from the white tees -6300 yards/ slope of 128- two par 3s are very long, near 190 yards. It is VERY long for a par 3. I missed the green, with a 3 hybrid, for both, by at least 10 yards. However, I scored well for the round. The conditions again were very good. I have nothing to declare. I would certainly replay this golf course in the near future.

 As Art and others have said, a report is never too short nor too long. What is important is to post report info with course conditions on this forum, as a way of sharing important info and saying thanks to others who offer advice and post reports.   I would say that the trip report is one of the many advantages of being a member of MBGT, helping each other plan better trips and keeping up to date on MB.

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April 11, 2019 1:49 pm  

Thanks for taking the time to report.

Less than 2 weeks before my MB trip.  Nice to hear about Arcadian Shores.  It's been 5 or 6 years since I last played there and looking forward to seeing the renovations in person.

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April 11, 2019 9:14 pm  

Thanks for taking the time to make this report.  Good job!   

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April 11, 2019 10:01 pm  

Arcadian #13 is a hard hole, especially if we never played it before.  It would be
more fair if it were shorter, then we would have the option of laying up on top
or trying for the 20 yard flat area near the water.     There may have been more
room along the left trees years ago.   
We don't play the courses enough to know who has a marshal or if they just don't have 
him that day or maybe not in the PM.   You could call the pro shop. 
If there is a big gap, I rather skip a hole than skip a bunch of holes by quiting.       

Thanks for a great report! 

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April 13, 2019 11:51 pm  

Excellent information  S***H.

I've played all your courses, except MBN west.

All good courses.

Diamondback... I don't remember much of..i remember no homes on the course... I think I heard they have new greens this year..

I agree about Crown Park .

Very enjoyable  course and I also recommend .



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April 14, 2019 4:31 pm  

Diamond Back does have new greens.   I have it on my list this spring, as a warmup
course, although it's not forgiving.  

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April 15, 2019 6:27 am  

CP and DB are the little engines that could. DB is a real good layout and a difficult driving course, CP is a little easier on your game. The are both trying hard to make their courses good within their budgets and they both have a PGA pro that cares about the course conditions. They don't have the money to invest like a founders group nor can they charge enough money on their GF and Cart. It's a catch 22 so you do the best you can with what you got. While not at or near the top of my list, I will play both of them without hesitation.

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April 15, 2019 12:44 pm  

Thanks for the detailed report on your trip!!!

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April 15, 2019 6:24 pm  

Thanks for the report. It was informative and a "good read"