Chicagohack 6/2-6/7
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Chicagohack 6/2-6/7

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This is my 3rd attempt at posting as I dont know how to retrieve from draft...

Our group has been coming to myrtle beach for 23 years with only two exception years in trent jones trail and pebble beach for our 40th birthdays, ranging in size from 4-20. this year, we had 5 mostly due to new baby births and covid concerns. Guys were from Chicago, Vegas, and Tampa and we decided to end our run at Myrtlewood due to its becoming a sh*thole over the years and stayed at Barefoot Yacht Villas, a definite upgrade, but as we learned was quite a bit aways from our southern courses.


Thursday AM- PAWLEYS PLANTATION- long a favorite of ours for its layout, I cant stress this enough right now....AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This course is literally awful right now, temp green on 7, dirt on most fairways and greens almost unplayable on several holes. The superintendent here should be canned....drought or not, no other courses we played were as bad as pawleys. such a shame.

Thursday PM- TRUE BLUE- Exactly the opposite of Pawleys as fairways were lush and greens rolled true, though course was packed. In what would become the theme of the week, the rain began.....

FRI AM- Tidewater- More thunderstorms greeted us to start our round though it did clear up a bit for a while and TW is in great shape tee to green.

PM- Glen Dornoch- also in great shape, greens a bit slower but true but again, storms erupted and  washed our back 9 out for first time in about 20 years.

SAT- RIVERS EDGE- My favorite course in the country and was in great condition, best ive ever seen their greens. unfortunately, they delayed our tee time about twenty minutes waiting for a slow women's tournament to pass the turn. No explanation other than "they play as fast as the guys do". 2 hours 30 minutes later we hit the 9th hole,including a 3 group wait on 8. Awful. They did have a good lunch special that was hot and ready burger chips and beer for $15. Not bad.

SUN- RIVER CLUB-  We hadnt played here in at least ten years and honestly, other than great greens, I'm not sure why we came back. The layout is boring except for a couple holes and more rain and storms didnt help our mood much

PM- HERITAGE- after another delay for rain, we got this round in and we loved the course as always. Huge gator sightings and the two beer and lunch special is still great here. Not sure why Oyster Bay said they were done with it as theyre owned by the same company??

MON- Arrowhead- Having played here only once before and never the LAkes 9, what a great 9 the LAkes is!!!! We will definitely be rained out on 14 but its a great getaway day track.


Thank God Southwest flies direct from Chicago now....a complete game changer for our group. Having not rained for 6 weeks, it rained every day we played. We ate at the breeweries at Barefoot a few nights...nothing special and definitely more subdued than Broadway, although Broadway is completely different now without Oz, Malibus and the clubs across from crocodile rocks, which apparently is some sort of mystery theater. Bar Louie is boring but good for drinks.

There is also no COVID in SC as evidenced by wall to wall peeps in Crocodile rocks, always a good time and it felt good to be "normal" again.

There also apparently isnt a summer period anymore as most courses were packed and werent  cheap either as our group paid a few hundred more than normal for June in Myrtle.

Didnt do Yamato for the first time in years due mainly to the late finish and hour plus drive back to the condo sunday night from Heritage, so no credit card roulette "winner" this year. Would love to find a barefoot type condo more central for next year or perhaps only play one day down south.

All in all, it was a good trip despite the rain and cant wait for next year already. As I mentioned, coming from the covid jail that is illinois, SC was a breath of fresh air. Get out and enjoy it....tomorrow is promised to no one.

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Be interesting to see if Pawleys can come back as fast as Grande Dunes did. Thanks for the report.

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Thanks for reporting and sorry about all the rain.  That sucks.  I think everyone will find prices higher the next time they visit the Beach.

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If you are talking about MBGT's save draft, I see it's there, but I have 
never used it.  So I just tested it and if I leave MBGT and return, I  
could not find my draft.   I recommend typing a report on your PC in 
whatever format you prefer.   When done, cut and paste it to MBGT, 
then add any format changes you want, before posting.     
In early May, I reported Pawleys #8 green being bad.  Is that the temp 
green?  The other greens still had a lot of overseed on them, so I was 
there too soon to see it worse.  We know conditions are not only the
weather when 1 course out of 8 is affected.   
MB golf rates don't seem up much to me for 2021.  I found room rates
up in the spring.  Possibly you played higher priced PM rounds or an
extra round than usual.  Rooms probably cost more than at MW.   
You could limit your south end trips, until you get want more south
courses.  I think Brian has Grande Dunes Marina Inn, which might be
something like BF Yacht Club.    


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My most sincere thanks @chicagohack for this informative trip report!

It's just too bad the weather wasn't on your side and also the fact that a couple of courses didn't reach your expectations.

But like we do say often : "You could have been at office!"

Take care and hope your next MB golf trip will be memorable for the good reasons!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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Thanks for your great report on the courses you played and places you ate at, to bad about Pawley's, as Denis said better then being at the Office. 

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Thanks for the update on the courses you played. 

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!

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A very informative trip report and a very good read. Thanks for all the information shared with all of us.

''It's just golf, let's have fun''

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Thanks for the report. Sounds like despite the rain you still had a great trip.