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Boot Camp Day 2: Ba...

Boot Camp Day 2: Barefoot Love & Dye  


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April 12, 2019 8:43 pm  

Got an early start for our 36 hole day...1st thing was to add ibuprofen with coffee! 

1st 18 scheduled out on the Love course - check-in & hit the range to loosen up. Weather was fine with a light mist to start the round & then clouds were mixed with sun coming out intermittently. We were very lucky to get no rain as we were expecting. The Love course was in great shape & I do really like the course (possibly the best of the 4 - more to follow). They have punched the greens with the small/narrow tines but you could barely notice. As anyone who plays Barefoot knows what to expect; good conditions all around. The tee boxes had full cover & as I mentioned in my Day 1 report about color tees - Barefoot uses Platinum for the Tips & we played the White - we didn't make the same mistake today! Fairways were green & cut short which gave got good roll out. No mud balls which we were surprised about with the damp weather over night. The rough was still slightly dormant but had full cover - it also seemed shorter than I recall in the past. The bunkers were mixed dry & damp from the mist earlier but no issues. If you never played Love, these bunkers can be deadly with high faces which makes shots into the green almost impossible. I find the Love course very favorable with wide fairways for somewhat errant shots & receptive greens. The greens were fantastic, even with the small tine holes to aerate(?) but these greens rolled extremely well & were quick but not as fast as the Dunes. Great service as always with a smiling cart girl to greet us. Overall I rate Love at 9 with the Dunes being a 10.

2nd 18 played on the Dye course.

They are preparing for Monday after the Masters, so tents, seating structures are being installed on many holes. The service personnel were very attentive to golfers & stopped any work while we were hitting shots. Staff were very accommodating to us & there were no limitations on driving the carts in the fairways even with the event for Monday - that was good news! The conditions were what we expect of a top tier course: Tee boxes had full cover & cut short. Fairways seemed a little softer than Love as we did experience some mud balls but had very good cover so the ball would be sitting up nicely for you. These fairways are TIGHT as you can spend much of the day in the waste bunkers that are prevalent on every hole. The decision to use driver or iron off the tee is important here. As we were told by the starter, there are no bunkers on Dye (which I may disagree with), only waste bunkers so you can ground your club - we took that as gospel! The waste bunkers were groomed and easy to get good club contact since they were compacted. Greens were not punched/aerated as was Love. the greens on Dye were slower than Love which really surprised me. The greens certainly rolled true to the line & were receptive to shots. I rate Love higher than Dye for today since the greens on Love were faster but the overall course seemed friendlier for my golf - Dye will beat you into the ground & frustrate you if your not striking the ball very & hitting fairways. Do I sound frustrated? Yeap - Dye got to me early & often so I am taking my frustration out on the rating for Dye! 

Apres Golf: Went to eat at Hook & Barrell. never been there & learned it opened about 2 years ago. This is family owned and offers seafood & other fare. It was busy & reservations were needed but we were able to get seats at what they call the steam bar. Good for us since we were starved! I can attest the food is good & certainly would go again. There are no TV's & it appears to be more of a social & family establishment. It's higher end cost wise....

Need to close out for Day 2 - Tomorrow Cal & TB. 

Enjoy all,


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April 12, 2019 11:26 pm  

Maybe Dye greens will go lower in a day or two for MAM. 
I like Hook + Barrel. 

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April 13, 2019 6:14 am  

Another great report. 


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April 13, 2019 12:27 pm  

Deez a good double header, thanks for your report.

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April 15, 2019 3:24 pm  

Thanks for the detailed report, i am playing Dye in July and look forward to it. 

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!