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Artmbgolf Oct 2019 ...

Artmbgolf Oct 2019 Report  

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10/22/2019 2:05 pm  
Posted by: @kio57

Hey Art, you have Myrtlewood Palmetto rated a 6 for the course but you state that "the fairways and tees were excellent". Is your 6 based primarily on the course layout? 

I have it scheduled for Feb, I'm not really concerned about the layout, so I just wanted to get your perspective o the course condition only.

Thanks for the detailed report as always!

In my reports, I tend to keep my course rating where I have it rated against all MB courses,
although I dropped the Big Cats a lot for their neglect.    Maybe I should have rated MW a 7, 
with the good conditions.    
My 6 MW rating is mainly for the layout, which makes it a good warmup course or good
for a value lineup.    Conditions were excellent, along with good new greens.  The fairways
and tees did have 2 months of rest, as it was only re-opened for 2 weeks, when I played.      
When some courses get new greens, they also upgrade the maint on the rest of the course.  
Palmetto has wide fairways and almost no carries into greens, so it's great for a warmup or 
happy to be golfing winter trip.   


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10/29/2019 2:28 pm  

Art great Trip Report you got to play some nice course and good info on Restaurants

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