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After an "involuntary eclipse" of three years, Supergilbys is back in Myrtle Beach (Crown Park)

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Goodnight all!

First, happy Mother's Day to all our moms, because let's not forget that without them, none of us could practice this beautiful sport of golf!

Secondly, on this Mother's Day, long sleeves were de rigueur on this windy day and under the clouds, with a temperature that reached a maximum of 17 degrees.

That said, when it comes to planning a golf package in Myrtle Beach, of course, we like to get what we pay for and, as much as possible, treat ourselves with beautiful courses.

On the other hand, if your budget limits you and you still want to have access to sure values, then take for granted that Crown Park, which we played a little earlier this afternoon, can prove to be a very interesting option!

Located on Highway 9 West, just 30 minutes from downtown Myrtle Beach, Crown Park is a Parkland type lot, so very wooded, which looks like many courses that can be found in Quebec and Ontario and is fairly well manicured this time of year. Indeed, there is no lack of greenery anywhere!

Crown Park is not what one might call a “penalizing” course. The fairways are relatively wide and if you ever lack precision in reaching them, it is still possible to get away with it.

As for the greens, although among the slowest we have played on so far, they were in excellent condition and very responsive.

If we could give you even just one suggestion, then allow us to suggest that you play Crown Park at the start of your package, because it is the kind of course that will give you confidence. It is not too long from the white tees (6004 yards), nor of the milestones for the ladies, which are for their part at 4597 yards.

On the other hand, beware of water on certain areas, especially on holes #2, #3 and #12 (three short par 4s), as well as sand traps, which are "unfortunately too well placed" on 14 of the 18 holes of the course.

Finally, we really liked the last four holes (#15, a par 5 of 516 yards for the whites and 357 yards for the women, #16, a par 4 of 350 yards for the whites and 276 for the women, #17, a another par 4, this time 388 yards from white and 343 for women and #18, a relatively short par 3 of 145 yards from white and 86 for women, with a green that has an interesting slope… leading to a small lake, which separates your tee box from that green. Each of these holes can be very "payable" for your score if you have enough "vitamins" (and mental strength) to end your round of golf positively.

In short, we recommend Crown Park without any hesitation to anyone who wants to play good golf for not too much money!

Next visit : this upcoming Tuesday, May 10, at Rivers Edge!

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Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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Thanks for all of your reports! 

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Good solid take on Crown Park Denis, it is a budget minded course.  Keep the reports coming.

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I'm sure that Crown Park has been in other trip reports that I've read but I honestly don't remember what they said. Thank you for the information and taking the time to write.

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Thanks for the great report and awesome pictures. 

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