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After an "involuntary eclipse" of three years, Supergilbys is back in Myrtle Beach (Crow Creek)

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Good evening!

On another beautiful sunny day, with 26 degrees Celsius mercury and fairly light winds, we had the pleasure of ending up on the Crow Creek side of Calabash, about 30 minutes from downtown Myrtle Beach.

Looking for a golf course that has a reputation for consistently being among the best maintained in the greater Myrtle Beach area? If you answer Crow Creek just like us, you absolutely can't be wrong!

This was our second visit there since it opened in 2000, and quite frankly, we were not disappointed, quite the contrary. Everything was “spot on”!

Crow Creek was manicured to perfection from the tee boxes to the greens. Without necessarily being “wow” in terms of design, at each hole, you look straight ahead and you see the great challenge that awaits you.

Designed by architect Rick Robbins, Crow Creek is played 6,276 yards from the white tees and 4,760 yards from the ladies. For the average golfer, on the other hand, it may be interesting to opt for the white/gold combination, which extends for its part over 5882 yards. Yours truly went there for the white tees, but on many occasions our approaches (on par 4s and 5s) found themselves short of the greens.

Speaking of the greens, what's interesting about Crow Creek is that in addition to being relatively fast during our visit, many of them have many levels, which can mean that you can inadvertently end up in a three-putt situation, depending on pin placements. Also, when you do your putts, they really tend to keep their line. It is therefore necessary to evaluate beforehand the way you will go about it to master them well.

There is a lot of water at Crow Creek side, but it is safe to say that it really comes into play on only half of the holes on the course. Same thing for sand traps. On the scorecard (available at ) you can see a lot of them, but not all of them are threatening, as long as your game is minimally on point.

Finally, as we mentioned earlier, the design, without being “wow”, still offers a certain variety. The four par 3s are meant to be great challenges, the greens being extremely well protected. Some par 4s, we are thinking here of holes #4 (331 yards from the white tees and 244 yards for the ladies) and #11 (319 yards from the white tees and 227 yards for the ladies) can be "deceptive", in a sense that if you imagine at first to achieve a good score, you could be disappointed. So, in both cases, precision, rather than power, must take precedence to achieve your goals. As for the par 5s, three of the four are around 520 yards and more from the white tees (and more than 420 yards for the ladies). You are therefore bound to deliver the goods in terms of power for at least your first two shots.

All in all, we really liked Crow Creek and it is without any hesitation that we strongly recommend this course.

Next round, this Monday, May 16, at Shaftesbury Glen.

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Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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Another great report Denis, Crow Creek has been near perfect all winter, the new greens although tricky if on the wrong side roll smoothly to give your self a chance at getting it close if you have the touch that day.  Your pics show how nice a course it really is and if anyone thinks the need to play it they should.  As your trip winds down I am sure Shaftsbury will not disappoint you on Monday, look forward to your thoughts.

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One of my favorites and one of the few courses left in MB that uses bent grass greens.  Thanks Denis.

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Thanks for the great update on the course and the Super pics, keep it up!!!

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!