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29th annual trip Ma...

29th annual trip May 27 - 31  

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03/06/2019 4:16 pm  

There is quite a bit of difference between your scenario with all 6 golfers that played in the morning not playing the replay and ours with 1 out 12 of the players being replaced on the replay. If you look at it in black and white you are correct. But this isn’t like buying a carton of milk with a set cost, that 12th round of golf does not have a set price that it costs the course.  There was no one else waiting to take our place. They had a choice to make $480 on that 95 degree afternoon and earn some customer service credit and a happy customer or earn $0 since there was no one else on the course. If they had a full tee sheet then it would be a different story, I still would not have been happy about the decision but it would have made a little more sense. We didn’t get upset with the pro, he is the one that was getting the attitude. He could have simply applied the full price rain check against the new 12th golfer and the problem would have been resolved. In my opinion and the opinion of the vast majority of the responders both online and in person, the course failed at basic customer service. 

As for the cooler situation at Rivers edge, none of the employees of Rivers edge gave us permission to bring coolers on the course. We are not stupid enough to ask that question. If we bring a cooler onto the course it is without their knowledge or consent. Their staff simply does not go out of their way to search a cart looking for a cooler. We are well aware of the liability issues with personal coolers and the ABC license issues. Our group is not a bunch of frat guys getting hammered, the 40% of our group that does drink does so responsibly on the course. Yes, in a black and white world that is against the rules, but so is speeding.....Does your favorite bartender give you a free draft beer now and then, that could cost them their ABC license and is ripping off the bar, but it is good customer service because you will keep coming back and endorse the establishment 

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03/06/2019 6:29 pm  
Posted by: BNLongdriver
I have had to address a similar this type of situation to this before: 

There are 12 guys - 6 people book, show up and play 18 holes under Johnson at 8:00/8:10. They go back inside after the 18 holes, tell the Pro how great it was, set up a replay for all 6 and pay. Those 6 guys go to their car and load up, 5 minutes later 6 of their friends show up at 2:00 and say we're the 2:00 Johnson replay. This is very similar ... My take on it is pretty simply; since I have been selling tee times for a living in Myrtle Beach for 23 years on Sept 1st.  Replay rates are given to clients after they've played 18 holes in the morning. If you don't play 18 holes in the morning, then you don't qualify for the replay rate - Am I right or wrong? 

Since my office is at a course, but I do not work at the course!! I do overhear and see first hand some of the situations the Pro's are put in. 

Rivers Edge allowed you to bring alcohol on the course, not good and someone will lose their job over that. The course has to purchase a beer/liquor license from the State to sell alcohol. State Laws mandates that if you sells alcohol, outside alcohol cannot be brought in (they want their TAX money). That's a HUGE no no and they will lose their license for that. It's the same as taking your own bottle of Crown into Applebee's and asking for a glass of ice. While I know you appreciated being able to bring it with you on the course, please know that the course put it's ability to sell alcohol for a year in jeopardy for you to do that, and the person who said you could bring the cooler - put his job on the line for you guys.  

Word of advice to you guys. 
Word of advice - don't tell the Cashier at the grocery store that you spent $200, should you get your milk for $2.00 instead of $4.20? Then argue with her, get upset and complain when she cannot. She doesn't know the cost of milk, she only knows what the scanner tells her and she can only control; what she can control. She doesn't posses the ability to adjust the rate of that companies Milk buy and sell rates ... So I just pay $4.20 for my milk realizing that's the cost of good with that company; smile and say Thanks and go on my merry way! Then at that point, wonder - why she didn't give me my Senior Citizen Discount? Being cordial and friendly will get you your senior citizen discount every time but when I show up with the "I paid $200 for all this other stuff, you owe me a discount on MILK." ... not so much! My Momma told me" you'll catch more flies with honey than the brown stuff."

Along those same lines...few years ago we played Panthers Run in the morning & had a round pre booked for Lions Paw that afternoon. 

In between rounds, I was killing time chatting with lady working the pro shop. (Dee?) I asked how the greens were on Lions Paw & she said "better than Panthers" I told her we were surprised by the marginal conditions on pr,  but, sh*t happens. 

Right about then, some guy comes in who had just finished playing pr,  wanting to know who was in charge here. Dee said. "That would be me" so the guy unloads on her...demanding refunds for his whole group....blah blah blah...just being a total jerk. He stormed out in a huff & we all had a good laugh at what a jerk he was.

About then, she reached under the counter & writes out rain checks for me & my boys, saying something like, you guys are the people we want coming back, & she rarely, if ever will do something like that for the people who cause a scene. 

Played Leopards Chase the next day, & Dee was working there that morning, "Theres my boys from Illinoize!" & comes out from behind the counter to give us all a hug. 

Having worked in the automotive repair field for 30 years, I was the same got a legitimate gripe & we can discuss like rational people, my owner gave me leeway to make things right. 

You come in the old "Ever since you changed my taillight bulb, my water pump's been leaking" rap, well, you can guess how that goes.....😁

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03/06/2019 6:50 pm  

Skippy - About that taillight.... it's connected to the water pump - everyone knows that!!!  Great story - but the truth is you're such a charmer with women, of course she took care of you.

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars

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03/06/2019 7:59 pm  

We called that "Eversinceya" & you would not BELIEVE some of the connections people would come up with & were dead serious about. 

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04/06/2019 6:25 am  

Thanks for reporting. A good read.

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