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17th World Am

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Normally fly to MB from Houston area. This year decided to drive. No issues.


Pre tournament practice rounds:

8/27/21 – King’s North – The course was in overall good condition, fairways good, greens good, rough just deep enough and thick enough to ruin your day if you did not play smart. Noted that the course looked a little shaggy/rough around the edges, just did not look as well manicured as normal.

8/27/21 – Southcreek – fairways were a little thin in spots but not too bad, rough was not as thick/penal as North.

8/28/21 – Farmstead – course is still in perfect condition as usual. (Glad we played as I read on other topic that it is closing)

8/28/21 – Meadowlands – Conditions here were better than I have ever seen it here. I never pay attention to cart paths, but these are the smoothest I have seen and to top it off the cart was fast.

8-29-21 – Arrowhead – Played Cypress to Lakes (I prefer Waterway/Lakes), good conditions.


Tounament Rounds:

8/30/21 – Myrtlewood Palmetto – We again do tee times instead of usual shotgun due to Covid. This course does not double tee so that means tee times start at 7. I had first tee time so never had to wait for group in front of us. Did not play as fast as I would have liked as one guy struggled. The conditions were good and rough was thick in some areas.

8/31/21 – Diamondback – Greens were on the slow side but overall good conditions. Challenging layout.

9/01/21 – The Pearl – Played North to West nines. Greens were excellent, other conditions good. Very windy but forecast rain stayed away.

9/2/21 – True Blue – Again conditions were overall good. The greens were quick but slightly bumpy.


Post Tournament Rounds:

9/03/21- Barefoot Fazio – Greens good, fairways ok, but starting to look a little rough around the edges. Areas that looked like hardpan, but harder to hit off of as was soft. Also ridiculous that they don’t have rakes in the bunkers, as the bunkers are still very deep sand.


9/03/21 – Barefoot Norman – Similar conditions as Fazio but sand not so deep.


Ate at Outback one night. They had signs up about closing early due to lack of servers. They did best they could with staff they had. Ate lunch at Harry the Hat’s one day and usual Taco Tuesday happy hour. Good as usual.


It was great to have the 19th hole back for the socializing. But adult beverage stations seemed to be fewer with not enough staff. As usual Monday was worse day while later in week fewer people show up so lines are shorter.

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Thanks for your report on a bunch of courses!  

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Thanks.  My group is scheduled for Meadowlands next month, but I am trying to switch to Farmstead so we can get one more round in before they close.

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Wow @jeff!

Quite a golf agenda!

Thanks for sharing! It was a pleasure to read your report from start through finish!

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That's a lot of golf - thanks for sharing  Meadowlands has been in excellent condition all year

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Thanks for your World Am report and other courses you played.

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Thanks for the World Am report and Glad you didnt have monsoon rains at home like you have in the past. 

Sad they cant get people to work at places to eat, it is nuts. We are having same issue at home. Hopefully one day it goes back to normal. 

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