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Watching golf on TV....

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I'm currently watching the Golf Channel.  They have a live feed of a college golf tournament somewhere in the Southwest portion of the U.S.

Wondering what your golf watching habits are during the winter.

I'm currently waiting on about 8 inches of snow in the next 24 hours,  so just seeing green grass and people golfing is a pleasure for me. 

I especially like when the camera zooms in on the ball and I can see blades off grass. 

I don't care who is playing or who wins. 

I just like seeing the green grass and architecture. 

Am I weird or do you all do the same thing ?


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Since we have to cope with snow for at least five months a year, it's always with great pleasure that I'm listening to golf on TV.

As a Golf Channel subscriber, it was with great pleasure that I did watch the start of the PGA Tour season in Hawaii, since I had the opportunity, in August 2019, to see the Kapalua Course during a summer vacation with my wife and my two daughters (without the sons in law)! Also, I stayed at about 7-8 minutes by car from the Waialae Country Club, where was played the Sony Open. So, it's a really good feeling to see those tournaments on TV.

That said, most saturdays and sundays, I do listen PGA Tour tournaments on CBS (viva Amanda Balionis...) and NBC.

And beware of whoever wants to prevent me from doing this (my wife likes golf... ouf)! 😉

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I do watch more golf on TV from New Years to an April MB trip,
compared to other parts of the year.     

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Like you, I have been at Kapalua some years ago. The island of Maui is such a paradise.  I walked the golf course and i visited the clubhouse. And, each year, It is a real pleasure to see the course and the island again on Golf Channel.

I watch a lot of golf on tv mainly during the winter. During the summer, I prefer to stay outside playing golf and working around the house.

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I've limited my golf viewing lately. Mostly, just the majors and tournaments at new courses.

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I always watch more golf this time of year, especially with all the rain we've gotten and courses being cart path only! lol, can't wait until warmer spring weather to arrive.

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I watch more during the winter months because I'm stuck inside due to weather.  Do enjoy watching the LPGA more than the men's tour because I can relate to their games more than the PGA guys.

The TV coverage could be better.  Seems like they focus on just a few groups and show mostly drives and shots around and on the greens.  

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Living in New England, snowed four inches last night, golf on the Golf Channel is the only course I will see in a while.

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Like most this year, watching golf on the Golf Channel has been my thing, nice they try to show all the Tours who have begun their seasons.  On the local golf scene here, our local Muni has been open all January and on the sunny snow less days they have been filled for walking only, very hardy golfers and good for them.

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Although the tradition (unlike any other!) partly explains the high ratings the Masters gets, it's also its place on the golfing calendar. Although for those of us in more temperate climates, golf is possible twelve months a year--I snuck in nine yesterday on a gray, 45-degree day knowing snow was in the forecast overnight--the Masters comes at just the right time at the end of the winter season that all the folks who have been cooped up indoors for months are willing to hang for one more weekend to watch the first of the four majors played in the most springlike of settings.

And some of the other tournaments this time of year are in great locations too--the Hawaii swing, Torrey Pines, Pebble, the Florida swing. The Waste Management Phoenix is in an OK locale, but the fan experience always makes me want to watch.

Once I'm past the Masters, I'm generally on the course, even for the final round of the PGA and the US Open. I watch the British because with the time difference, the broadcasts are early enough and the days are long enough that I can still get in a round in the afternoon.

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I watch it alot but in the winter it keeps me sane to a point. 

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