USGA Handicap committee has been busy  


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11/14/2019 4:49 pm  

Lots of changes for 2020.



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11/15/2019 9:36 am  

After reading the info you attached, I'm glad to be retired PGA. 

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11/15/2019 10:00 am  

Thanks for the information. Most of these changes were annonced earlier. It was anticipated. We will have to comply to these new rules. The major change is the handicap rules. And it is a good thing.

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11/15/2019 1:15 pm  

It's good that they are trying to adjust what might be good/bad short term play.   
I didn't see anything in there about tournament scores.  They are a good indicator. 
I also feel that scores should stay around in the calculation a lot longer.   The 20 score 
data, allows someone to wipe out good rounds with a slump or to sandbag. 
When I was in a group of club members.  We did a 7 day MB trip in April, when games 
were rusty and they came back home and posted 7-10 scores that were mostly a lot
higher than their Hdc.  Two weeks later, they were winning all of the handicap events,
after their handicaps legally inflated, by pushing out their best summer scores from the
summer before.          

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11/15/2019 3:07 pm  

Thanks for posting the 2020 changes, lots to take in.