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OK so I'm finalizing my 2 week trip to PI.  I am golfing all over and don't mind leaving the nest to enjoy a nice dinner and drinks.  What driving services are reliable?  I'm open to anything.  

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None, I have tried Lyft and Uber - both were so late it was unacceptable and cancelled both of them. 

Schedule a ride at 10:30am for 12:00 pick up ... at 12:27 and my driver Felix who was 2 miles away decided to forgo my trip. So they gave me to Diane who could be here in 19 minutes. My pick up was scheduled for 12:00 and at 12:27 they told me Diane can be there in 19 minutes. This has happened 4 of 5 times in the last 10 days, so I deleted both apps and called a cab - that was here in 5 minutes!!!  


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Interesting, we've never had any issue with Uber or Lyft (they are basically the same as each driver usually drives for both). Since I retired I only use them in MYB. They were fine in Feb so maybe things have changed. I do not remember the last time I was in a cab, anywhere.

BTW, we never schedule a pick-up. We just request one when we are ready for it. And we are not on a hard schedule.

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@kio57 Our group was in the Murrell's Inlet area last weekend of June (2021). We've used Lyft/Uber to get around ever since they started, which had worked great in the past. Last weekend, it was tough... hard to get cars, at least in the evenings when we needed them. We had long waits, had trouble even getting a driver to accept a request, had drivers accept and then drop us. It was kind of a bummer, since in the past it's been so easy to zip around. We also don't schedule ahead of time.

We made do... just meant sticking at one place a little longer for another beer. (or getting home a little later) I think the cabs were slightly more dependable but also in high demand. And it seems like just less of that available down in Murrell's Inlet/Garden City/Surfside area.

My understanding is that supply is way down in the MB area (not enough drivers) as a side effect of COVID, slower business over the last year, etc. That's certainly the case for restaurant and wait staff as well.

Hope it turns around before our next trip!