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South end turkey vacay: 11-23 thru 28  

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Wife, 3 sons, and I escaped Charlotte for the week, stayed in a condo at litchfield resort.  Clean condo but literally had nothing to cook or even serve dinner to 5 people; no bowls, no cutting board, no wine glasses, etc.  But my youngest son (14yo) and I were there to golf, so not a big deal.



Caledonia.  First time playing here for me.  And my son just started playing last year so this was easily the nicest course he’s ever played and it’s a top 2 or 3 for me.  My son kept saying....folks here are so nice to us.  So the customer service was hands down just incredible (from bag drop, to starter, to the 2 beverage carts they had out there, to the digital scanners for contact free paying for said beverages out on course).  Conditions were super solid for it being late November.  They lightly sanded a few greens but they still putted true.  I could really see the lines out there for whatever reason (not very knowledgeable on different green surfaces and why that was so).  Tee boxes were a little shabby in a few areas but nothing where you were struggling to find a clear patch of grass for your tee.  The only issue I had with the course was the price ($120 for me and $60 for my son),  compared to the 2 courses we played later in week (booked thru golf desk).  Hard to justify after playing heritage where I was like in the  $50 to $60 range (don’t remember the rate) or Willbrook for $49; what makes it almost impossible to argue value is that my 14yo son was free at the other 2 places!!


I won’t try to break down the course.  Others have posted great reviews that all stand up.  The entrance alone is breathtaking, it feels like you are driving up to a slave plantation in the 1800s.





Spent the morning driving around with my wife looking (not too seriously yet) at property in that area.  Stumbled on the neighborhood of debedieu, far south below pawleys.  We had to get a tour from a realtor to see the neighborhood but we were impressed.  If not for the 300 a month hoa, we’d consider (reasonably priced lots).  Their course looked very pretty.  A Pete and pb dye course.  The neighborhood has their own 6 mile beach that is an island only accessible thru the neighborhood gate.


Afternoon was at willbrook.  Amazing value.  Loved it.  Had a laid back muni vibe.  Conditions were just fine for this time of year, but just not at the level of the other 2 courses.   Some really pretty holes on this course.  I wish I took more pictures but it was overcast and in the pm.




Heritage.  Words can’t express how pleased I was with this course.  They were double teeing but we teed off on 1.  The front is more spread out with some marsh views, whereas back 9 revolves around a large lake.  I was extra happy on this day because both my son and I finally started scoring here.   I am a 16 handicap and was super pumped to have broken 40 on the front.  But I stumbled down the stretch putting and scored an 86.  More awesome (made me more happy) was my son’s play.  He started golf last October and has really started to hit a ton of good shots in the last 3 months.  He is about a 21 handicap, and he shot a 94 out there playing with 2 strangers.  Proud of my son.  When he finally expressed interest in the game after not making the basketball team, I got him a couple lessons to get him started and has since worked his ass off to become a solid player.  He has been walking 9 holes at my course here in Charlotte at least 3 times a week since COVID hit.



Photos -


Thanks for recommending willbrook Art!


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Thanks for a great report!  
Debordieu is a premium place.  
Pawleys Plantation might be worth a look. 
All the courses on the south end are a nice area, except maybe around
Founders Club.  

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Thanks for your report, you had a chance to play some good MB area courses.

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Willbrook has received a lot of good reviews over the years. Thanks for your pictures!

Thanks for reporting. 

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Great to hear that your son is taking to the game! 

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Thanks for the report. I miss playing with my sons when they were younger. It's great your son has taken to the game. 

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Thanks @givensmatt for such an interesting report!

Also, I'm really happy for you that your youngest son seems to be into golf the way you are!

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Good report and thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the updates on the course. Nothing better then watching your kid play good golf. 

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