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Meadowlands 10-28-2020  


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10/29/2020 1:40 pm  

As I may have mentioned before I just moved to the Calabash area beginning of August. With all the work on the new house and having back issues have not played 18 holes in a long while. Today was was the first day out in a very long time.


Course: was in very good shape once the dew burned off,  greens excellent shape around a 9 and full coverage, fairways good coverage also. only drawback was that they watered every green and the front area and all the aprons were very soft  so a lot of mud balls and plugs and no run ups to be had.  Rust on game showed and since it is across the street from where I live will be visiting again. So no problems playing there if you are inclided to do so. Hopefully many more run to play down here once back issue resolved.


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10/29/2020 2:56 pm  

Thanks @ziggygolfer for reporting!

Played Meadowlands only once two summers ago and did really appreciate my golf experience then!

Hoping your back issues will be a thing of past as soon as possible!

Take care!

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10/29/2020 3:07 pm  

Thanks for your report on Meadowlands, we played it in Feb. this year, 1st time since their reno's, really enjoyed the course.  Take care of your back, not a fun thing to deal with.

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10/29/2020 3:31 pm  

Thanks for the report. Good luck with the back this fall and winter.

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10/29/2020 5:59 pm  

They did a really good job with the renovation.  Thanks for the report.  You should try their sister course - Farmstead.

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10/29/2020 6:08 pm  

Meadowlands and Farmstead have both been in outstanding condition the whole year. Two different tracks - both good to play

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10/29/2020 8:40 pm  

Nice move to MB.   We will appreciate your local reports. 

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10/30/2020 7:54 pm  

Congrats of your move to MB.


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11/02/2020 10:14 am  

Congrats on your move and thanks for the update!

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