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Golfer Survey  


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07/09/2019 4:48 am  

Hi guys, my name is Amber, I am a Masters student completing a project in analysing the factors that attract golfers to golf clubs. If you have time and are willing to participate please follow the link below. Results will be available upon request. Thank you so much for your time, it is much appreciated in helping to complete my research. This survey is aimed at anyone that plays golf, your reponses will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to message me or reply if you have any questions, concerns etc. 

The link for the survey is




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07/09/2019 1:34 pm  

I did your survey and didn't feel that it was very focused on joining a golf club.   

You could probably guess what is most important, like design, condition, price.     
Also try the GolfWRX forum, which has a lot more members. 

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07/11/2019 7:11 pm  

I agree with Art.