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BrewCrew - Day 2

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Perfect golf weather for our round at Meadowlands.  Some intermittent clouds and a little breeze were welcome as we've had a cool Spring in the northeast to start our golf season.

Tee times were scheduled for 8:02, but ended up getting out a bit later as a group of 16 was originally sandwiched around our times and we were asked to let them go out as 4 consecutive tee times.  POP came in at 4 1/2 hours.  Plenty of positive reports on the Meadowlands so no need to get into the details of the course conditions.

Relaxing afternoon following golf with a walk over to the beach followed by some adult beverages on the balcony at the condo.  Dinner was at Snooky's Oceanfront.  Have to say it was a disappointing trip.  Of our 7 meals, 3 came out wrong.  None of the meals came out hot, and 1 was downright cold.  Followed up dinner with a walk next door for our second night at Murphy's.  Another good time.  3+ hours.  Can't pinpoint exactly how long as some of the details are fuzzy.  2 of our group opted to pass up the car ride home.  Our trip rookie ended up calling the condo after all were in bed needing a ride home.  We are still not sure how he ended up covered in sand an dirt with a bloodied arm.  

More to come.

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Good to see your group enjoyed Meadowlands, your right on about not more to be said of conditions there.  Tough luck on Snooky's being so disappointing, I know the one on the waterway in Little River was good for us in the past winter.  Sounds like a step towards misadventure for your groups Rookie, story should be good.

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A rookie mistake I'm sure.

I saw Snookies a couple times but it didn't look inviting to me.

In October I noticed Duffys on rt9 was being sold.

Did you notice if it opened under a new name ?

Thanks for reporting 


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You are off to a good start.   
Looking forward to the rest. 

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Thanks for update and cant wait to hear the rookie mistake!

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