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Advice needed for group of guys coming in April.  

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Hello, Thanks for all the great info on the forums!

We're coming as a group of 15 and playing golf April 6,7,8. 

 What is the best way to book tee-times and potentially get a slight deal here or there? Getting everyone's money to pre-pay with this many golfers is kind of problematic, so a pay at the course or in Myrtle option is preferred if possible.

We are staying at the Atlantis Villas in North Myrtle Beach.

Any insight would be awesome!



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You can book for 16 and adjust the count later if you add or lose anyone. 
Time goes very fast in MB, so add days if you can.  Some can play 3 days, 
some 4, some 5, however you plan it.  
If you want to play certain course at a specific time, you need to book ahead 
of the trip.  You need 4 tee times, so as time goes by, blocks of tee times are 
harder to get, especially if you want a popular time like 9am on a popular
There are some courses that provide discounts for booking all rounds on 
their courses.  Legends + Barefoot have book 3 get 1 free, good if you want 
a 36 hole day or stay longer.      
You should contact packager Brain, listed at the top of the forum.     
The normal format is a $100 deposit.  Then pay the balance closure to 
you dates.  Normally it can be paid online, so you don't have to collect $. 
You may find some who are interested will later not be able to go, so your 
counts could change.  

You could try to pick courses not too far from your lodging.   
Courses range from ordinary to premium, rates in April peak season are
about from $60 - 230.   Picking courses depends on your criteria. 
The $90-125 courses should satisfy most.   
Next step is picking courses.  You should review info and come up with a 
list and post it here for comments.   If you want 3 premium courses, it's
not hard and there are far more than 3.    If you want 3 budgets, you want
to avoid some that aren't what most want on a trip.      


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As usual Art gives great advice.  I have used Brian Noblin for 25 years and there is no one better.  Our group has 16-24 golfers and they pay on-line through Brian's website.  It makes everything so much easier.  

Since you are staying in NMB I would suggest playing northern end courses.  There many within a 10-15 minute drive from Atlantis.  Farmstead, Glen Dornoch, Tidewater, Thistle, Rivers Edge, Meadowlands, and Crow Creek are just a few of them.  Farmstead and Meadowlands are sister courses and there is a discount for playing both.

Welcome to the forum.

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One name : Brian Noblin

One phone number : 1 844 706-7503

That says it all!

Have a great time!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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Thank you for all the kind replies! We cant wait to visit.

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For your best prices and service Brian Noblin is the guy to call, number is posted here by another Forum Member.

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My guys pay their portion thru Brian's website and he now has an app for your phone.

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Great information Art. Always the reference for counsels concerning Myrtle Beach.

''It's just golf, let's have fun''

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Brian is going Big time!!

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!

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Brian is the best bar none.  He gives you insight along with the other mutants/guys here as well