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The Original Geno's Pizza  

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I'm sure you've all heard about Gino's pizza. They have one location in North Myrtle Beach (Gator Hole plaza) and another off Hwy 501 (Forestbrook plaza). They may have another location in Carolina Forest as well. While Gino's makes a good pie, they are significantly behind my favorite shop (that title goes to Aroma's in Socastee). Moreover, Gino's is a shadow of what they used to be at the turn of the century. Read further ...

Back in 2000-2006 Geno's pizza was my favorite (along with the defunct North Coast pizza). Notice that I now spelled Geno's with an "e" instead of an "i". Then in 2007 Geno's was bought out not so coincidentally by a couple from NY where the husband's name was Gino. Well they changed the name from Geno's to Gino's but more importantly they changed the recipe too. The difference was noticeable on day 1, and they went from a best-of-the-beach pizza to just a good pie.

After selling Geno's in 2007 the original owners spent the last 13 years in Wilmington working in an unrelated family business. Well good news ... they're back !!! They opened up a pizza shop on restaurant row next to the new SOHO restaurant and named it "The Original Geno's". I've had four pies there in the past week and love it, LOL. I used to drive 35 minutes to Socastee when I wanted great pizza, now it's only 10 minutes away. While Aroma's is still my favorite, the Original Geno's is a very close #2. If you like authentic NY style pizza give it a try! If you like gourmet style pizza then skip.

Disclaimer ... I like my pizza with extra sauce and cooked well done, so I can't judge whether it will be good covered in toppings.

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That is a good find.  Thanks!  
That is next to the old Dollhouse. 
The Waterway Hills parking lot is still there on Google maps.  

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Good to hear.

Can't wait to try it. 


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Every time I order pizza I ask that it be well-done.  My pizza experiences in MB have just been average.  Might try this place in October.

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1putt...for the eagle.

ginos WAS the best pizza in mb hands down.

genos is great. i live around the corner from them and now enjoy "usual order" status.

as a pizza-holic, i try all places at least once.

first time i ordered from the re-established genos for delivery, they told me the credit card system was not yet in place. when i told them i had no cash, they told me to bring it by in a few days, no worries. pie was at my door in twenty minutes. delicious. great way to get a loyal customer.

big fan. highly recommend.

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Good info.  Haven't tried it yet.  Pizza's that I've enjoyed in the Myrtle Beach area include:

Pizza Hyena in Surfside, Scatori's in Surfside, Mozzarella's in Market Common, and Ducati's near 82nd.  I also dig Di Carlos (Ohio Valley style pizza...pretty unique preparation) in Surfside.  There are a lot more I need to try.

For the chains, Mellow Mushroom and Ultimate California Pizza (Market Common location) are solid.

Will have to make a run up to "The Original Geno's" some time.

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I second Ducati's up by 82nd parkway for good pizza, I always judge a place on their plain pie and Gino's in Carolina forest is only just okay now. Also, if you're up in Myrtle Beach another good spot is Scotto's at the other end of Carolina Forest, they are a little heavy on cheese though for my liking, but still a good northern-style pie.

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Good news Bob, just around the corner from where we stay.