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Oyster Bay

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Has anyone played Oyster Bay recently.  I know the conditions in the past years had not been very good.  It has been at least 5 years since we played it.  We rode out and looked at it a few times while we were down in the past and the greens we could see looked horrible.  I know a new superintendent was hired in the past couple of years and he started turning the place around.  It is my father in law's favorite course and was hoping it had improved a lot so maybe we could add it to our list this summer when we came down.  Any insight or knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

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OB is in my "Back to MB 2021" Warmup report.  Greens were no problem. 
Could be even better in the summer.   

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Nice to know that Art. Thanks for your information.

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Oyster Bay is a good course to play in July-September as it's in its best condition in mid- to late-summer. For whatever reason, overseeding at Oyster Bay is typically thin and that hurts them in winter through early spring.

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I haven't been there yet this year, but when we played last September, it was in very good shape. Much better than reports from prior years (most of which concur with your assessment). The greens were smooth and rolling nicely when we played. Fairways, bunkers, and rough all in excellent shape. 

I definitely want to get back soon, as Oyster Bay has a fun layout and some of the best scenery of any of the area courses. Hopefully they've continued the improved maintenance that led to good conditions. From Art's earlier report, it would seem they have.

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I would love to get Oyster Bay back in our rotation. It's one of these "wow, I'm not at home now" kind of courses for me. Unfortunately as our MB spring trip is a big expense for us we can't take a chance on poor conditions being a big disappointment. If conditions continue to improve and reports become consistently good we will be back.    

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Hope it gets fixed up real fast. I am used to hearing good things about OB.

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Nice to red Art, over the winter time it is not the best shape, but we always go back t play it, just to much to see there.