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Myrtle Beach tee time system down

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Got an email yesterday afternoon that the tee time system most courses use was hit by a ransomware attack so courses can't access their tee sheets.


It must be an absolute disaster there right now. If they don't keep hard copies somewhere, people won't even be able to call and make a time because they won't know what's open.

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Ah yes....the wonders of technology!


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That is only issue with online system. People like to cause issues. 

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I heard there was a TT problem, but have not seen any official report 
of why.  I believe MB pays some host site. 
I used to work in IT for a couple banks.  We had daily backups, with one 
copy onsite, one in transport to a storage site and one at that storage 
site.    Once a year we had to take backups to a disaster recovery site 
and test that we can restore the backups and function.    
This was a IBM Mainframe, not connected to the internet, so hackers 
were not a worry, just a real disaster.    

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What a bummer…

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These hacks are generally an IT mismanagement issue by allowing sloppy passwords.  Hackers have field day if passwords are not changed frequently.  If this is a hosted site the security officer should be fired.  I speak from 45 years of experience.  Every company I worked for made associates change passwords every 60 days and had password standards that were very explicit.  


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Yep.  Noticed this over the past few days as I'm trying to book a time for next week.  MB Passport website can't perform an online booking (at least not this morning.)