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Myrtle Beach Nation...

Myrtle Beach National West course with UGP...10/18/19  

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10/20/2019 9:17 pm  

Tennis . tough sport 


UGP is honest

That's what I like about him

I've stated before.. if you ever visit MB , try to golf with UGP.



"King Of The Mid-tiers"

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10/21/2019 7:37 am  
Posted by: @6542golf


UCP that was sure cold !!

Glad I did not ask about my swing ! I am not good at tennis!!   LOL

Tennis isn't my thing either - but about your golf swing - I'm planning on giving you a lesson to screw up your excellent swing so you're easier to beat! You're too tough!

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars

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