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International Club Conditions - UPDATE

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I'll admit, I was skeptical, but the greens are starting to turn around at the International Club.

They punched/aerated the greens earlier than usual, and replaced grass on some of the worst spots, and timed it perfectly with all the rain we've gotten the last couple of weeks. They've been smart and left them alone, minimal mowing, and they're really starting to fill in nicely. It's like putting on shag rug right now, you've got to hit the ball at least twice as hard as you normally would), but that's a small price to pay right now for having the greens in good shape going forward. The 4th green has a very large (approx. 15-20% of the green) dead spot at the front left. It's going to need at least a grass transplant (which they've done on a few other sizable spots, though there weren't any others this big), they're probably waiting until the rest stabilizes to do the work on it.

The upside is that the greens are like velcro right now. If you hit the green with anything but a bladed screamer, it sticks (and even a bladed screamer sticks once in awhile). Anything that's up in the air doesn't move more than a foot after it hits the green, which is really fun when your wedges are dialed in.

The rest of the course was already in pretty good shape. Not immaculate like you see at the high end courses, but that's not the IC. Right now, with all the rain we've gotten, the course is as green and lush as it ever gets. Tee boxes and fairways are in excellent condition. Rough looks like it hasn't been mowed too recently, but it's still not overly punitive. Sand traps could still use some more sand, which is really exposed by all the rain we've had recently, but at the price point, thin bunkers are something I can live with.

Very glad to see the greens turning around, and hopeful they'll be able to keep them that way. It's a fun layout, especially the back nine, and reasonably priced. Where we're building in the neighborhood, less than a mile from the clubhouse, it's so convenient.



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Thanks for this update @Secondandgoal and let’s hope for the best!

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Great to hear!

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I am glad to hear, so i am thinking it should be less shag carpet in July. 

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An very appreciated update. Thanks!

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Good to read conditions at International Club are improving, thanks for the report.