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Glen Dornoch - Replay rate?  

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Hi All, Headed back down for my 9th annual MB trip in May. We played Glen Dornoch a few years ago and are excited to head back. Quick question, does anyone know if Glen Dornoch has a good replay rate? If so, how do they do it and what does it usually run (in May)? We may try to get 36 in on day and wondering if I should pre-book or take a chance hoping we could get another tee time after our first 18. Just trying to save a few bucks if we can. Thanks in advance!


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There are at least a couple rate changes in May. 
Figure a 18 hole replay to be about half the package rate + $10.  
So if AM is $140 in Early May, a 18 hole replay will be about $80 and 9 holes
about $45.     If prebooking, the PM drops to $118 at 1pm.   
Later in May the AM rate is $99, so replay around $55-60 or $40 for 9. 
What is nice when not booked, is the option to replay 9 or to not replay. 
If the group is a must play 36 holes, then you can consider prebooking the 
PM round.  On average, Mon-Wed has better odds of not being busy. 
And if you are going to pay to pre-book, also consider some other course, 
if you want more variety, but then you have to load up the clubs.         

Glen Dornoch was part of The Glens free replay Pkg, if booking 3 Glens
rounds or $20 replay if booking 2 Glens.  I don't know if they still have
that after closing Heather Glen and Possum Trot, unless they include
some other courses.   Ask Brian if he has that.   


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