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Glen Dornoch Conditions

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I recommended Glen Dornoch to a friend of mine who was visiting the area last week.  He said the conditions were not very good.  As he is a very good player and an astute golf fan, I am assuming that is the case.  Can anyone verify that for me?


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I had a friend who played there mid-March and said it was awful. Greens were bumpy and variable speeds, tee boxes were rough and lots of fairway areas were bare. He was highly disappointed. 

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My usual partner also played GD this past week...and also noted its poor conditions.

I have said before that I've never played Glen Dornoch when the conditions were "right." Seems that one or more aspects of the course is "off" at varying times. Makes it a very tough course for me to recommend to people.

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Recent Glen Dornoch Trip Surveys completed by Golf Package Clients in the last week:
4/3 Very nice course in great shape 
4/11 Great Shape
4/11 Beaufiful Course in Great Shape
4/12 Little Dray fairways hard 

You can see the reservation nubers by the Trip Survey, so you can see these are all different groups. Not one gorup with several people  saying the same thing. 


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