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FARMSTEAD.. w/UGP.. 10/18/20  


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10/18/2020 4:39 pm  

Well , I did something totally irresponsible today and played golf.

Farmstead never disappoints. Good shape all around.

Fairways great.

greens rolled smooth at about a 9.

Tees good.. not sure about Bunkers.

cart paths good.


I told UGP  after a couple holes I was playing at 50%.. He said less than 50%.

After 3 drives, I started playing UGPs drive since the big swing was causing some discomfort 

(Didn't keep score.Just needed a golf fix.)

I had sciatica issues on 10/10.. on 10/ 12  my right leg had no feeling or power , but I forgot and took a fall while attempting to climb steps...hitting my knee very hard on the 3rd step. 

I think I may have a hairline crack in my kneecap, but that will be determined when we get back to  Illinois

So...ya know..I'm all messed up physically. 

But I'm a golfer , so I  went golfing.

Highlight of the day ( besides golfing with UGP) was almost holing my tee shot on a short par 3. Maybe hole #16 or 17. I thought it was in.. tracked all the way, but the ball somehow ended up about 8 inches directly behind the flag. Who knows if it lipped out.. will never know.

I asked UGP to putt it in for me ... I ended up with a par

Anyways, hoping I can get out of bed tomorrow morning. Wife and I  decided to stay 2 extra days  to recuperate. 

Thats it for golf though.

Some pics..

20201018 144429
20201018 144442
20201018 150959
20201018 152804
20201018 152857

Reporting from the Grumpy Monk in NMB... this is jw11


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10/18/2020 5:08 pm  

Nice extra days to get an extra round in, even if 50%.  
Your near ace must be on #17.  
Thanks for all of your reports!    

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10/18/2020 6:46 pm  

Thanks for the pics and report.  Hope you get your physical problems taken care of soon.

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10/18/2020 7:04 pm  

JW1 sorry to hear about your back issues hoping you can get better soon.

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10/18/2020 8:00 pm  

Well, i suppose that you were happy to play golf even with your back issues. Thanks for the report.

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10/19/2020 7:07 am  

It was 17 - not sure how it didn't go in for an ace - it had to lip out to get where it was since there was no break there. Always a pleasure to play with JW though he balked at doubling our normal bet! We only got 10 holes in  as the course was going to be very slow on the next nine. Probably good for JW that we quit.

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10/19/2020 7:08 am  

Get better John. Sciatic is nothing to take lightly.


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10/19/2020 10:22 am  

JW i hope you get better fast. There is nothing worse then playing hurt, did that before i went away this summer and it was terrible. 

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10/19/2020 11:00 am  

You're one "tough cookie" @JW11!

Take good care of yourself and hope you'll recover promptly as soon as possible.

That said, thanks for all you reports during your stay and drive safely on you way back home!

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10/19/2020 2:24 pm  

Glad you got out one more time. Safe trip home and good luck with the recovery.