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December 27/28 - Blackmoor & The Wizard  

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Over the Christmas break was able to get 2 rounds in at  Blackmoor and The Wizard. Both courses were in fine shape for late December.

Blackmoor - Course in decent shape, from tee to green. Fairways a little wet in spots thus no roll, some mud balls and we had winter rules were in effect. It was CPO on about half of the holes, not including the par 3's. Greens were rolling surprisingly quick, they had them covered from the day before as the temps were quite low. We were fortunate to play in mid 50's as we started around 11:00 am.

POP was just 4 under hours but could have been better if not playing behind a 4some who we caught on the 5th hole. They refused to let us play thru despite multiple opportunities to do so. We caught them on the 7th tee (par 5) with no other group on the hole so we knew they were not being held up. 3 of the 4 proceed to hit it straight into the woods and refuse to let us move thru quickly while they find their balls. Then on 10th tee, they must have stopped at the turn, as they hadnt even hit yet as we arrived and again refused to hit thru. I understand it is not their obligation to let us thru but its the right thing to do and frankly helps them as well as nobody is on their back the entire time. Rant over.

Blackmoor is a nice little course, with a variety of holes and some good risk/reward options, particularly #8 (the shoot) and #12 (the bender) where me playing from whites at 6200 and my son from blues at 6600 both drove it right over the trees guarding the dog leg right in front of the green.

Fun course, especially if you work the ball left to right (I dont) and quite reasonably priced.

The Wizard - its been 5/6 years since I had played this one so I didn't remember a lot about it other than a few holes and the odd shaped castle clubhouse. We had an early 9:30 tee time and got there about 40 minutes ahead to warm up. Came to find there was a frost delay and both the range and putting green were closed. Not a great start as I especially like to hit a few when its colder out to loosen up.

Again, we played as 2 and there was 1 foursome with a time ahead of us. They were cool and let us tee off first and warned us they'd be on our backs. They weren't. 😀 Stiff as can be with temps not yet in the 50's we both piped our drives down the middle to 2 sigh's of relief. The starter told us to stay on the path the first few holes then come off around hole 5. The weather warmed to the high 50's and the course was in excellent shape, everything emerald green. My son and I were both in amazement as we didnt have high expectations coming in. I would have been happy in mid season with these conditions and it was late December. Very impressed !

Fairways were a little wet in spots but generally got a little bit of roll and the ball set up for the most part. The layout is fairly benign, I'd say solid but unspectacular. It's pretty open with the wind coming into play. most significantly on the closing stretch which plays along the lake next to the castle. 

We both really enjoyed our rounds and agreed The Wizard will be on the rotation going forward. It's a solid Mid-tier cost in great condition at a reasonable price which comes with lunch and 2 beers/drinks. If you havent or if it's been a while give The Wizard a shot.


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@mperna2001 Thanks for taking the time to report and hope you made the most of your two rounds!

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Last year the Mysticals and some other courses overseeded wall to wall. 
Sounds like Wizard did it this year also.   
Some golfers don't know the let others through etiquette, along with
course repairs.   Sometimes we need to skip a hole, if it's wide open 
in front of them.   
Thanks for reporting.  

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Thanks for your report on 2 courses many enjoy, tough luck at Blackmoor on the slow foursome, happens a lot we find.

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Good reports.  Thank you.  Both are solid courses and good values.  

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Thanks for the report. We played the Wizard for the first time in years in March and were pleasantly surprised. 

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Posted by: @mperna2001

It's a solid Mid-tier

Need to invite the king of the mid tiers  Mr. JW11

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Blackmoor has a special course routing. I agree that the course is tight off of the tee. There are numerous dog legs. Better be a good shot maker with your driver. After your drive, the course is easier for any level of player.

As for the Wizard, it is probably the best of all the Mystical courses. The course has wide open fairways. I would say that it is a very forgiving golf club. I like to play there at the beginning of a golf trip in Myrtle Beach. Better for my confidence and my score. 

Thanks for reporting, on this golf course, it is fun and interesting to read at this time of the year. 

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Thanks for the update on 2 courses i enjoyed playing.

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