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Crown Park 3.28  


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03/29/2020 4:59 am  

On a warm and beautiful day, golf was played at Crown Park. CP is a nice layout, a solid tier 4 course in decent condition. Tees are getting worn out from the winter usage, fairways playable, and the greens ran about 8. CP has been reviewed before as a pleasant golf course in a quiet setting with no homes on it.  CP has some tightness to it, if you keep the ball in play you can score here. Greens are NOT flat and can be challenging. It's worth playing.

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03/29/2020 1:30 pm  

CP has become a good budget course, which we saw last spring.      Thanks for reviewing. 

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03/29/2020 1:35 pm  

Totally agree with you UGP!

Crown Park is a very pleasant place to play!

Would recommend to those for who CP is still on their bucket list!

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03/29/2020 7:38 pm  


It's worth playing.



Owners put big money inton the course about 2 years ago.

No homes add to a peaceful round.

Solid ,budget friendly course.



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03/30/2020 1:31 pm  

Thanks for the update!

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03/30/2020 1:48 pm  

Always enjoyed the back nine at Crown Park, good pics.