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9 Sep 2020 - Glen Dornoch  


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09/13/2020 9:25 pm  

Played an afternoon round at Glen Dornoch.  Conditions were wet because of recent rain and included a rain delay during the round:

Tees - Good.

Fairways - Good.  Soft because of the rain.

Rough - Good.  Also soft because of the rain.

Bunkers - Had rakes.  Were reasonably well maintained.  

Greens - No complaints.  Probably rolling 9 on the Stimp, good coverage, & smooth.  Also had no donuts, foam rings, or anything in the cup.  

Cart Paths - OK.  I've seen better, and also have seen much worse.

PoP - Not applicable because of the rain.  It was a long day because of that.  

Challenging and scenic is how I view Glen Dornoch.  The holes along the waterway are fantastic, but I tend to forget how good some of the holes away from the waterway are too.  The views from the back porch of the clubhouse are also hard to beat.     

Glen Dornoch is in very good shape right now.  Go play it!

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09/14/2020 11:14 am  

Thanks for the update on a course i havent played yet but is on my list. 

Let the Big Dawg Bite!!!

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09/14/2020 11:31 am  

The rains must be steady there right now from the sounds of your 4 games.  GD is a solid as they come course, challenging shots on many holes.  Thanks for your take on it.

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09/14/2020 4:06 pm  

You're making me envious once again @Polekat914! 😉

Thanks again for taking to time to share with us!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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09/14/2020 4:40 pm  

This is one of my under rated favorites


Thanks PK



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