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7/18 Brunswick Plantation and River's Edge

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I played Brunswick Plantation and River's Edge earlier this week.  Brunswick Plantation was in good shape.  The greens were a tad slower than I remember, although that could be attributed to the extreme heat conditions.  I think the layout is underrated and well worth the fees.  It was a little wet in spots, but otherwise very good.


River's Edge was  in really good shape, but the greens were slow. It looks like they were 95% recovered from being punched.  It is clear they are working hard to bring the course back to where it once was.  New sand, newly edged bunkers, good fairway conditions.  Love the layout.  Number 16 is still  a mess with a  tiny, downhill astroturf tee.  


I would recommend both courses.

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Thanks for the update!

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Thanks for the report.  Will be playing RE in October.

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I played Rivers Edge on the 11th and it was excellent. Greens weren't fully healed yet (as you mentioned) but they still putted pretty well.

It's funny you mention the 16th tee, because I always think about how bad it would be to have to play from that tee box. I'm able to play from the one farther back, which is still grass. I imagine they don't like having that fake turf tee but just don't have any options; it has to be basically impossible to get grass to grow on that tiny peninsula.

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Thanks @dsuitch for reporting!

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Thanks for the update!

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