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27 June 2020 -= Myrtlewood Pine Hills Course  


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06/29/2020 11:33 am  

First time picking up a club in a few months and it felt good to be on the course again.  Played Pine Hills for the first time on a breezy Saturday afternoon.

Tees - Good

Fairways - Good

Rough - Very Good.

Bunkers - Some were filled with water and you could see some washout spots, but not too bad otherwise.

Greens - Good to very good.  Probably running around 8.5 to 9.  A few greens had a bad spot here or there but nothing to complain about.  Approach shots kicked up a good bit of sand and you could see (what I assume to be) remnants of punching from the somewhat recent past.

Cartpaths (always for you JW) - mostly good.  There are a few rough spots.

Other than hole 18 on the Palmetto, I think I like this course better.  Some interesting holes, especially the doglegs, mounding, etc.  

It's a solid value course and in good shape.

I'll try to upload some pics a bit later.

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06/29/2020 12:51 pm  

Thanks Pole.

Everything considered, I'd play Pine Hills over Palmetto 7 outta 10 times. The doglegs, moundings, and some green surrounds are MUCH more interesting-and, I think, a lot more fun.

But if it helps to keep more players heading to Palmetto (i.e., reducing PoP on Pine Hills), I'll gladly trash the place.

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06/29/2020 2:58 pm  

At Pine Hills it's nice to start on the front, where the easier holes are. 
Then on the back 9 the green complexes get more challenging.   
MW has been improved over the last 2 years with new greens + bunkers. 

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06/29/2020 6:13 pm  

For me, it is the Palmetto. Like you i think that the 18th hole is a great finishing hole. Thanks for the report.

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06/30/2020 2:03 pm  

Thanks for the update, glad you picked the clubs up again. Dont want to loose anymore golfers. 

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06/30/2020 2:05 pm  

Thanks @polekat914 for reporting and, most of all, really happy for you that you're back on the links!

Take care!

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07/01/2020 8:22 pm  

I havent played Pinehills yet.

Played Palmetto twice.

It was real nice the first time , but awful the second time. 

These golf course reports are helpful to those people trying to choose a well conditioned course  and are appreciated. 

Thanks for including a cart path conditions in your report also brother.

Thanks PK


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07/02/2020 10:50 am  

Good report on Pine Hills David, hole 18 always gets me.  Good to read you are out playing again as well.

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07/09/2020 7:06 pm  

18 is a mother!

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