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Prestwick or other ...

Prestwick or other south end courses  



Any of you ever live at Prestwick, or other courses with homes on the southend?  Experiences with private courses down there?  Have a client looking for a home in that area and was wanting some feedback from golfers.

Look at the area with Willbrook and tradition. Beautiful area

4 Answers

Wachesaw private is an awesome and special place 

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars


I don't live in MB.   Prestwick is not private. 
It has homes on the course and in the development.  
If you want to be on a private course, near it or in the development of a private course, on 
the South end:   DeBordieu, Reserve Club, Wachesaw Plantation are options.   
All 3 are good courses. 


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Thanks Art, I knew Prestwick wasn't private and think that might be the direction they are wanting to go in (a private club).  Sending them some things in Wachesaw to see their thoughts on that community.  I had always heard good things about that one.


It is not easy to play private courses. Usually you have to be with a member. It is the case for example with DeBordieu.