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Hole In One's


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Just wondering how many HIO has everyone had?

I had my 3rd one yesterday 183  yards. My first was in 2016 second was in 2018. I had played for 50 years before I got my first. How about y'all.

Brownwood Bandit

Congrats! Still waiting on my first...

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Congrats, I'm still shutout after many years.

Nothin Could be Finer !!!!!!


Only made one in 55 years of golf.  Still hoping for more!


Congrats on #3. I also have 3, two in 2014 and one in 2018.


Congratulations for your hole-in-one. 

''It's just golf, let's have fun''


First, @6542golf, congratulations for this third HIO and wishing you many more!

Personnally, I'm still trying hard to have my first one! 😉

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada


Got 1 with a 5 iron on the second hole at my course in Waco. Shortly after that my wife got one on the same hole with her 5 iron as well. That's my only one. Frankly, I'm pretty happy to make a 2 on a par 3. 

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I have 3.   One in 1971, one in 1980's, one in 1990's.

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You're overdue!


Hey Coach . Congratulations. 

Did you see it go in or are you too old to see 183 yards away ?

All kidding aside, that is a great achievement. 

Well done my friend!


"King Of The Mid-tiers"

So so true I can't see 183 yards but if you hit it straight you don't have to see it! LOL No I did not see it but the guy in our group said they was pretty sure it went in.


I had my first on September 17, 1994 and my second on April 17, 2021, on two different courses. Each was from 126 yards. Clearly I will be laying up to that distance for the rest of my golf life.

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Still waiting for my first, but I able to witness my son's ace. 😀