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Brittain Resorts Merges/Sells 7 Hotel Properties

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My Spring group has been staying at Ocean Reef for 10 years.  We like the variety of rooms. 
It has been adequate for the price.   So I get a quote for Fall 2022 + Spring 2023.  
3BR up 100%, 2BR up 150%, 1BR up 175%     I asked to verify and was told that is the rate. 
They suggested Caribbean for near what we have paid.  I see lots of bad reviews for Caribbean, 
mixed with 5/5 reviews with no comments, which are likely fake reviews mixed in, so I am
not going there.     I am looking around.     
Finally after a couple months they tell me about selling the properties. 
So I found the below article with Google.   This seemed to slip through the cracks of the 
various MB media.       
Here is the article:

EOS Investors Announces Partnership with Brittain Hotels & Resorts   September 30, 2021

Partnership encompasses 4,400 sleeping rooms in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

NEW YORK, Sept. 30, 2021 EOS Investors LLC, a privately held hospitality investment firm,
today announced a partnership with Brittain Resorts & Hotels, involving seven oceanfront
resorts in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and an expansion of its Myrtle Beach portfolio following
EOS's 2019 acquisition of Kingston Resorts, Myrtle Beach. "We are grateful for the opportunity
to expand the EOS footprint in Myrtle Beach, one of the most popular beach destinations on the
East Coast and the second fastest growing metropolitan area in the United States," added
Tom Burns, Managing Director of EOS. "With over 20 million annual visitors, Myrtle Beach provides
guests and residents with a diverse array of amenities, unseen in many other markets in the United States."

The newly formed partnership will consist of North Beach Resort, Grande Cayman Resort, Ocean Reef, 
Caribbean Resort, Bay View, Compass Cove and Paradise Resort.  "Brittain Resorts has fostered
welcoming hospitality and established deep community roots in Myrtle Beach for the past 70 years,"
commented Clay Brittain III, Chairman of Brittain Resorts & Hotels. "We are fortunate to add the
expertise of EOS to complement and expand upon these efforts." Matthew Brittain, CEO of
Brittain Resorts & Hotels, further commented, "along with EOS, we look forward to continuing to
invest in these iconic resorts and the Myrtle Beach community while creating the next chapters in
their storied history of success."

The entire Brittain Resorts executive team, as well as all the associates at each of the resorts, will
be retaining their current roles and responsibilities in the new partnership structure. Long-term
resort guests will continue to experience the same "southern hospitality" they have come expect
and owner-partners will continue to earn the superior returns they demand, each now delivered
by an organization with greater financial strength. 

About EOS Investors:
EOS is a fully integrated investment firm dedicated to identifying and creating value within the
hospitality sector. EOS utilizes a highly selective investment approach focused on high-quality,
differentiated assets with attractive risk-adjusted returns. Headquartered in New York City, EOS
seeks investment opportunities across the United States, with an emphasis on major urban
markets and resort destinations. 

About Brittain Resorts & Hotels
Brittain Resorts & Hotels has been perfecting the family vacation since 1943. Beginning with the
historic Chesterfield Inn in the heart of Myrtle Beach, the entire Brittain family worked as a team,
doing everything from making beds to washing dishes on the busy weekend nights while honing
the ever-changing marketing and guest satisfaction skills that are paramount to establishing a
robust repeat business base. Everyone worked hard and helped each other whenever necessary.
Integrity and trust were and are ubiquitous even today.   Brittain Resorts & Hotels currently
manages 20 resorts encompassing over 5,300 rooms, suites & condo units as well as 35 restaurants.

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@artmbgolf That looks a bit like a mini monopoly... 🙁

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