Buying a condo
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Buying a condo  


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08/24/2020 1:36 pm  

Just curious who here has a condo/place in myrtle and what are your thoughts as of renting it in packages, location etc....

couple of my buddies have places and its strictly a vacation spot. i will be looking in the next 2-3 years and starting to research somethings. i however am thinking about renting it out a couple of weeks each month and just wanted to see if anyone has done it and any advice or things i should look for.

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08/24/2020 4:24 pm  

I don't have a condo, but here are a couple observations.   
You could have a real estate company rent it or you can do it with 
something like VRBO.   
If you buy a condo in a hotel with condos, they will put it into their
available rooms, when you allow it.  They will do housekeeping + repairs.   
You will get a smaller return, but you don't have to do the work.      

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09/17/2020 10:32 am  

I have heard mixed things about VRBO, i know where i rented this year i did through VRBO but the reality company told me they can save me 500 for the week by doing it directly. 

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