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Mt Tremblant area  


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08/03/2020 10:14 am  

My wife & I did a 3 day getaway to the Tremblant area since we could not do our Pinehurst/MB/ OC  trip. I booked Manitou & Royal Laurentian for our trip & see if we could get anything else in depending on weather. 

Tremblant Resort has shut down the Geant course & is only operating the Diable course this summer due to Covid shutdowns

Manitou is an executive course, 14 par 3s & 4 par 4s.  On arrival for our 3PM time, we are told all the carts are out, we will have to return at 4, they should have some. get back & still no carts, we waited 20 more mins & got 1, but were told we could only play 9 since all the carts need to be in by 6:30 so they could charge them for a tournament the following day.  The holes on the course are homages to famous holes from famous courses.  we started on 10 & hole looks gorgeous, 180 yds from blue tees, elevated tee to a bowl green. Get on the green & find the greens were a mix of bare patches, weeds & good grass. what a disappointment. All the greens were in pretty much the same state, I would not recommend this course except if you need to sharpen your iron game.

Next day we have a noon tee at RL,  arrive under cloudy drizzly skies, check in, there are a lot of people at the course. We line up at the tee, 3 groups waiting ahead of us. When it gets to our turn, the sky opens up, a monsoon came down & you could see surrounding greens under water. Thunder & lightning started, that ended our day there. too bad course looked in great shape , putting green was really good. we got refunded instead of a rain check & headed back to our room for some lunch.

4:00  rolls around, sun has been out for about an hour, starts drying everything out, we decide to see if we can get on 1 of the area courses, Diable had shut down for the day, couldn't even just use the range. We tried Gray Rocks -La Belle course, no problems we made it just before the proshop was gonna close at 4:50

course was wet in spots, a few mud balls but seemed to drain well, we could ride the fairways. greens were good,  fairways lush. lots of elevation changes that my wife found difficult on the up hill shots. Highly recommend this course & is about half the price of its newer sister course La Bete ( The Beast )

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08/03/2020 9:43 pm  

Merci beaucoup @wolverine12 for reporting!

Unbeleivable, but true... went numerous times in Myrtle Beach, but just once in Tremblant (and it wasn’t unfortunately for golf)!

That said, did always heard good things about golf in this wonderful area!

Best of luck for being able to go back to the States in 2021!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada

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08/03/2020 9:54 pm  

Thank you for the report.  Haven't yet played golf in Canada.  Would like to ski Mt. Tremblant someday!

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08/05/2020 1:51 pm  

Thanks for your report, good area for both golf and sking.

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08/06/2020 7:15 am  

Thanks for sharing. Mont Tremblant is a very nice place for golf, ski, and many other sports.

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09/17/2020 10:38 am  

Thanks for the report on a place i have never been to before. 

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