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Myrtle Beach orders hotels, attractions, golf courses, and more to close  

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03/29/2020 2:32 pm  


Sadly Art, that might be the case for your group this spring.  Here at home we have another day we could be out at least hitting some balls, but everything is shut down tight, can't even go to the putting green.  Good health to you.


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03/29/2020 8:04 pm  

Wasn't sure which disaster folder to post this in. Here is as good as any.

Ran into my "Money Guy" at Menards today.  As we parted ways he told I should be getting a quarterly statement soon, do us both a favor, don't even open it...straight into the trash, & we'll talk in about 6 months. Sage advice.

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03/30/2020 8:45 am  

Our local station is reporting the number of recoveries, 150k+ world wide, 79k in China.

Our course cut PVC and put it in the cup, much like the referenced pool noodle. Already seen a ball hit the PVC and come out of the hole.

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