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Your favorite place for seafood in MB or NMB...  

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Looking to try a new place this fall.

Thanks in advance. 


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For years our go to place has been Snooky's in Little River.  They've now opened a second location in NMB.  Was on our list for this Spring, but trip got canceled.  I hope they are able to keep both locations once the dust settles from all this Covid 19 stuff.

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HOOK and BARREL: Upscale Seafood and Bar. Has some meat also.
Reservations suggested.  Everything is said to be fresh and was.
Fish off the boat in Murrell's. Entrees in the $28-30 range, with a 
side or two.  Salad is extra.  Corner of 82nd Parkway and 17 business. 
It's about 3 years old now.  

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Although I do not eat Seafood, everyone loves Bimini's, for me their steak is good.  Brew Crews advice on Snooky's is also a good one.  Mr. Fish and Flying Fish are also good friends say.  Good luck on your choices once you get down. 

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I gotta second Hook and Barrel, the family that runs it are good people, and if you get a chance, try their brunch only on sundays. It is amazing

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Bennett's Grill in Calabash.  It's simple and mostly Calabash-style, but the prices are better than heading to one of the sit-downs a little further back along the marsh.

In the same area, the Waterfront Seafood Shack is about the same, right along the marsh, and outside seating only.  It's also good.

I've also been hearing good things about Oyster Rock.  Haven't been there yet.  It's in the same area, is sit down, and comes at a higher price.

If you'd like to venture towards the south end, my folks like to visit the Lobster House as they have some good deals on seafood.  The decor is interesting inside (like being in an old ship).  Or, pretty much anywhere along the Marsh Walk in Murrels Inlet.  

Would also give the thumbs up to Snooky's as well.

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