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Gios Italian Kitchen  


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12/24/2019 10:41 am  

Noticed a press release that Gios will open a 2nd location in a former Applebee's at 79th Ave N., Myrtle Beach, kind of near the Dunes Club area.  Anyone ever eaten at the flagship location in Pawley's Island?  Curious on reviews.

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12/25/2019 10:35 am  

Hello and merry Christmas.  I’ve eaten at the PI location and it was delicious. We are lovers of the PI lifestyle so that might come into my review.  Definitely worth checking out

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12/25/2019 12:12 pm  

Hopijng to still be here on ce it opens in April, everyone says good food there.


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12/25/2019 1:43 pm  

I haven't heard of Gios. 
When playing PM in Pawleys, I like Pasteria 811.  It's about a mile north of the 
main Pawleys light and on the south bound side.    I think the 811 is left over 
from the address where they used to be in Litchfield. 
I will plan to try the 79th Ave location.  


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12/31/2019 9:04 am  

I will have to look at both places, love me some good Italian food. We are always looking for somewhere to go with the whole family when down. 

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