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River Oaks - 5/16  


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05/18/2020 8:43 am  

I'll start off with the fact I had never played this course prior, one of a handful in the area I haven't played and did not have very high expectations going in. Late Friday I made a last minute decision to play on Sat. morning and was able to find a cheap time on Golfnow at a time I wanted so decided to give it a shot.

I arrived and the gentlemen inside was very nice and welcoming, the guy at the bag drop and the starter as well so the day started off on the right foot. Was told I'd be playing the Fox and Otter 9's. The Fox was the more interesting of the 2 as it has several dog leg holes where the holes on Otter other than #17 were all pretty straight forward. 

Conditions were good, tees, fairways and greens were in good, not great shape for the most part with a few exceptions. The greens here are generally smallish and the course was not long, 6000 from white and 6300 from blue which is what I played. Balls ran out well in the fairway thus lots of wedges into greens. Water comes into play on a few holes but not too penal by any means.

While certainly not one of the best in MB I was pleasantly surprised with this lower tier course and enjoyed the round. For what you pay it is well worth it in my opinion. 



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05/18/2020 3:07 pm  

I agree with you.  I played it before the pandemic and it was priced right for what you get.  

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05/18/2020 6:40 pm  

Thanks @mperna2001 for your report.

River Oaks is a course I haven’t played yet!

Maybe on my agenda for 2021!

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05/18/2020 8:29 pm  

River Oaks installed new greens in 2007 and then renovated the 
Fox + Otter 9's in 2009/2010.   Since then, what few reports we get
on RO have been better than they were before that.   
I haven't seen any info on the Bear 9.  They were going to close it for
development, but that got canceled.   

Thanks for reporting!  

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05/19/2020 6:22 am  

I've played with the owner and his son, good sticks. They work very hard to make the course go, it has some fine holes on it. Solid tier 4 and worth the price of admission

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05/19/2020 3:23 pm  

Haven't played the Bear 9 yet. Only time I've been to River Oaks is their nine hole scramble on Tuesday nights in the offseason. A great weekly event-nine holes, drinks, barbecue, prizes. Just a whole lotta fun with a very relaxed atmosphere. Staff/bag guys are great. Never thought the conditions were less than above average. Been remiss in not playing a "proper" 18 hole round. Nice solid golf. I'd be surprised if it disappoints anyone.

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05/19/2020 4:58 pm  

Your take on River Oaks is spot on, thanks for posting.


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05/21/2020 1:28 pm  

Thanks for the update, it is a course i have skipped over but might be adding it to my list in next few years. Might be a good place to take a daughter to play. 

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05/22/2020 7:53 am  

Lower golf course can surprise us sometime. Thanks for sharing!

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