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Glen Dornoch - 9/27  


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09/29/2020 3:00 pm  

It's been 5 years since playing GD so was excited to be getting back there remembering how much I enjoyed the layout. The course was a bit wet from recent rain but not soaked. Like many in the area lately it was CPO. 

Overall, the course is is in solid condition. Tees were mostly good, a bit bare in spots. Fairways were nice albeit wet thus not much roll and did have to roll the ball at times. The greens are not large generally and were rolling true although a little bit on the slower side. Rough was in good shape but not too penal like some of the others I've played in MB the past couple of months.

There are a good mix of holes. A couple of short par 4's where you need to position the ball rather than hit driver. The par 3's are pretty straight forward with the exception of #17 which I think is one of the better par 3's around (picture attached).

The par 5's are solid but not spectacular. My favorite is #8 hitting off an elevated tee and playing towards the waterway as boats pass by in the distance.

#9 (picture attached) and #18 are two solid par 4's to wrap up both 9's. The inland holes are quite interesting as well with a mix of dog legs and straight holes, some a little quirky but interesting. 

Pace of play was 4:15 for a 3 some playing behind groups of 4. Would have been better if not for a major traffic jam on the #16 tee. this is a cool par 4 playing down to the water but you can only hit your tee ball about 200-225 or you go off a cliff. Then the approach to a narrow green is about 160-170. Many struggle here and the CPO does not help things. 

Overall, a good day and enjoyed the round there. Will surely play again hoping for some drier conditions. 




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09/29/2020 3:21 pm  

thanks for the update on a great course, one i havent played but plan on it. 

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09/29/2020 5:15 pm  

Thanks for your take on GD, it is a nice layout with many good holes.

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09/29/2020 5:29 pm  

We will be playing GD next week. Hope it dries out.  

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09/29/2020 6:12 pm  

I agree with you that the par 5's at GD are solid but not spectacular. Thanks for reporting.

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09/30/2020 4:42 pm  

Thanks again for this other good update @mperna2001!

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09/30/2020 7:17 pm  

Thanks for the report.  Completely agree with you about #8. I played Glen Dornoch about a month ago and the pin was placed right in the middle of the big ridge on that green.  Of course, I four putted after being on in regulation.  😛