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Coming down next week and playing Heritage on Saturday morning. We then have to head up to North Myrtle (staying at Ocean Creek). Looking for suggestions on an afternoon round. Price is no issue. 

Our options:


World Tour


Grande Dunes

Also open to any other suggestions. 

We are staying the rest of the week and booked our golf with Brian. No better option anywhere. He’s the best.

Thanks for all the info and tips this forum has offered over the years. Such a great wealth of knowledge here. 

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I would go with Prestwick. Getting great reviews recently.

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Check the Aerification Schedule to the right side of this page. Looks like you would be better off with TPC. I assume those dates are current but Arcadian lists Aerified on August 8th.  There is a thread in here with this years schedule I believe.


Found it:

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Prestwick is a great course but can be pretty difficult.  Grande Dunes is usually in very good shape with an excellent practice area.

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Those are all good choices.   If you play TPC, you can then get on the 
new Rt 31 extension to Rt 22 to 17 for Ocean Creek. 
If you want to play sooner after Heritage, you have Cal, TB, WB, RC, 
Trad, Founders close by.    

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I've been reading about some greens issues at Grande Dunes on a local MB Golf Facebook site so you may want to stay away until better news is reported.

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For the challenge, I would opt for Prestwick, then TPC!

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Since you're in NMB - perhaps River Hills or Long Bay. River's Edge is always a great option

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Prestwick will make a nice twosome of courses for you after Heritage, good luck.