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10 Sep 2020 - Oyster Bay  


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09/13/2020 9:35 pm  

Played a mid-morning round at Oyster Bay.  Conditions were wet because of the previous night's heavy rain.  The rain held off during the round until the late afternoon and our group was able to finish before having to play in more rain.

Tees - OK to good.  A few thin spots but not enough to be a problem.

Fairways - A little high because of the rain but not their fault.  Good considering the rain.

Rough - Mostly good.  There are some thin spots, sandy spots, and issues with tree roots.  Not bad but some spots could use a little help.

Bunkers - No rakes.  Some were OK, others were a little rough around the edges.   

Greens - Good.  Probably running around 9 on the Stimp.  Smooth, with good coverage.  A few had some thin spots or some sod patches but not enough to be an issue. 

Cart Paths - Terrible as usual.  

PoP - Good.  Our group moved along well and it took us right around 4 hours. 

I see no reason to not play Oyster Bay right now.  Conditions are good enough to good all over the course.  The design speaks for itself.  The breakfast, lunch, and two drinks is a good value.

Thumbs up to Oyster Bay right now!

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09/14/2020 11:12 am  

Thanks for the report on this course. 

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09/14/2020 11:27 am  

Thanks for your report on OB, sounds a whole lot better then winter conditions.

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09/14/2020 2:43 pm  

A lot of courses in MB have issues with tree roots.  Our group has a rule that allows a player to move the ball away from any roots.  No one needs to injure themselves trying to hit a shot near a root. 

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09/14/2020 4:04 pm  

Thanks again @Polekat914!

Glad to read that Oyster Bay is doing better!

Denis Gilbert
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09/14/2020 4:42 pm  

Wow this is really great news after about 4 or 5 years of reports of thin (or no) grass on many spots of this great layout.


Thanks for the scoop PK



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09/14/2020 5:11 pm  

Conditions at Oyster are typically spotty during overseed season and continuing through early spring which is when most of the reports about thin turf conditions occurs. Oyster is typically in good shape mid-summar to early fall prior to overseeding (July to October).

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09/16/2020 2:36 pm  

Going to have to try OB again, it's been two years

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