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Coming to Myrtle 3rd week in July and just seen that the Surf Club is semi-private.

Short story, I might be able to get the son in law out for at least one round and wasn't sure if you had to pick one which of the following.

Surf Club
True Blue
TPC Myrtle

Longer story, I have been down many times and the son in law got 3 rounds in last year. We played Rivers edge, Pine Lakes, and Grand Dunes

I have played a bunch of the other course up North. Usually, because its a family vacation and traveling an hour south to play true blue or Calidnia was pushing it or wasting time as my wife would call it.

I am fairly sure that I played Tidewater on one of my other trips but it is closer than the others. I definitely have not played the others and the Surf club sounds amazing and that is really close to where I am staying.

I will probably get in 2 other rounds but we just had a granddaughter 7 months ago and I know my son in law will only get out once.


Distance isn't a problem both of us hit it far enough but, we are both in the teens for handicaps mostly because of the short game and not getting out at least once a week, just in case one course is a lot harder than the other.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Jim Minrod

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They are all top MB courses, so it's hard to just pick one. 
Maybe you can decide with photos on their websites.   
Check on green aeration, which may affect your choice.  
TW is the most scenic as far as water/marsh goes. 
Cal is an attractive course, without needing outside scenery.  
TB has lots of waste areas and can be a love or hate style.  
TPC can feel like a tour course environment.  
Surf is known for good conditions, but it's the least unique in your list.  
They are all challenging, with TW, TB + TPC the most challenge.  




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One? True Blue. Unlike any MB course I've played. Great after round food options also. Caledonia then Tidewater for me. (I have not played the Surf Club).


Geez.  That list is like picking your favorite child.  Like Art said, check the aeration schedule.  If all are in good shape, close your eyes and throw a dart.


If you can get on The Surf that is the one I would pick.


Kings North

Golf is just an excuse to drink whiskey and smoke cigars

They should hire you as their official Ambassador for Kings North/Borth.

Love the routing of Borth - very interesting course!


Of the courses on your list I would play Tidewater if you are staying up north. Great course 

Brownwood Bandit


@Art's suggestion is the way to go for sure!

Denis Gilbert
Quebec City, Canada