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I was just wondering if forum members can remember the first course they ever played while visiting Myrtle Beach??

For myself.... it was Oyster Bay in the fall of 1995!!  I fell in love with Myrtle Beach and have been taking fall golf trips with my buddies ever since!!  It will be interesting to see some of the answers and if these courses are still open.

Myrtle Beach National Southcreek in December 1979 or 1980


Robbers Roost or Possum Trot in 1978.

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Well a little late to this thread, but my first was Sea Trail Jones Fourth of July weekend in 1990. I know Sea Trail has had its issues over the years, but back then, that was a fine layout in great condition and instantly made me wonder why I hadn't been in the area to play golf before. There haven't been too many years since then that I've missed a trip down--even squeezed one in last February before the pandemic issues started.


Crow Creek  Oct 2008

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