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I was just wondering if forum members can remember the first course they ever played while visiting Myrtle Beach??

For myself.... it was Oyster Bay in the fall of 1995!!  I fell in love with Myrtle Beach and have been taking fall golf trips with my buddies ever since!!  It will be interesting to see some of the answers and if these courses are still open.

Myrtle Beach National Southcreek in December 1979 or 1980


Robbers Roost or Possum Trot in 1978.

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Bay Tree in the mid-80’s because we stayed at a condo on the course.  I’m sure I paid a few times.  I remember a quick 9 at Gator Hole with a local HS golf team-er.

First golf trip was in the mid-90’s - I think Oyster Bay, The Gauntlet, and Heritage were on that one.


Myrtlewood in 1982. My first trip to Myrtle was memorable, not for golf, but because we got there on a Sunday and hung out by the pool, played golf Monday thru Thursday, got chased off of Bay Tree Thursday afternoon when temps dropped and a heavy cold rain arrived. 

That rain later turned to snow and left a couple inches on the ground and even the streets were snow covered. Many folks just left cars in medians and walked. Kind of funny. 

This was the third week of March!



I was in MB for that March 1982 snow. We played 9 at Marsh Harbour that day.
Since we had only 1 day left, we went home the next day.
After that, the trip was moved to April.

Interesting storm pattern. Drove home Friday through NC where there was 8-10 inches of snow on the ground. Played golf Saturday in the eastern panhandle of WV at 60 degrees.


In 1978, a friend invited me to his house to select the 7 best courses
from MB brochures he had sent for and decide if I wanted to go in Oct. 
Our first course was Robbers Roost.     
Rest of the trip was: Bay Tree Gold, Surf, Pine Lakes, Arcadian Shores, 
Kings North, The Dunes.   


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First trip to MB was October 2000 played Bay Tree Gold. Lions Paw Panthers Run Possum Trot and Quail Creek. That started my love for MB.

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Quail Creek.

Not on my favorites list - but played it several times a long time ago before it became the Hackler

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Don't remember the order of play or the year,  but Blackmoor, Dunes and Waterway Hills were the courses.


"King Of The Mid-tiers"


We had a frost delay the morning we played. 


Indian Wells (RIP) in around 2000 when I first visited here.


Robbers Roost sometime in the 70's


In 1990 - The Heritage.  Vacationed/played golf in MB area for over 25 years and just closed on a home in Pawley's Island this month.


2004. caledonia (followed by true blue, legends-heathlands, barefoot-love, in a four day visit)


My first was also the first course designed by Rees Jones.  Arcadian Shores in 1998.  It has been my go to since then.  I tend to stay in the Shore Drive area and it is very convenient.  


Way back in August of 2020, played Carolina National in the wind.


@Kano Mike

Welcome to the forum.

Look forward to your input here.


How did you like Carolina National?

My only time there ...probably in 2016...I liked the course, but it was a "cart path only" day and those paths were the worst I've seen anywhere (The Valley @ Eastport a close 2nd).

Have they fixed that problem yet ?





"King Of The Mid-tiers"

It wasn't CPO when I played there. However, it was round one of 10 in the next 9 days, so fading from memory. I will be back in February, and it is not on my list to play again, if that means anything.



My first trip was late April 1983.  My wife and I dropped off our two young children with their grandparents in DC and we headed south to the Strand.  My first course was Pine Lakes as I wanted to play the oldest course first.  The experience did not disappoint.  I enjoyed the old layout far more than the revised layout of today.  The 2nd course on the schedule was Surf Club.  At that time it was not semiprivate and could be booked with all the hotel golf packages.  For many years thereafter, I kept this one of the schedule as it was top shelf, old style golf course, always well conditioned.  The other courses on the schedule that first year:  Myrtlewood Pines, Arcadian Shores and Myrtle Beach National North.  I was hooked with the first year experience.  We began to make the spring trip an annual event.  We have owned a townhome @ Brunswick Plantation since 2005, spending Jan - May, 10 days in the summer, and another 4-5 wks in the fall.  We are heading south on 01/01!

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